Lightening Things Up with LED’s

When it comes to matters of sustainability, we often talk about how all the little things that we do can collectively add up to make a big difference. Here are a couple examples of some small scale improvements that were made by switching to more efficient LED lights.

The next time you see one of our flag poles illuminated, take a look a closer look. What used to be the job of a 455 watt fixture is now being done by a 45 watt LED fixture. Not only are the new LED’s about a quarter of the size, but per year they save the University 3,132 kilowatt hours of energy and $225. What used to be a $239 operating cost is now a mere $13.70.

Old 455 Watt Fixtures
Old 455 Watt Fixture
New 26 Watt LED Fixture
New 26 Watt LED Fixture
Similar updates were made to the University’s aircraft warning lights on top of Hylan, Rush Rhees Library, and the Computer Studies/Carlson Library building. These lights were changed from 116 watt incandescents to 3.5 watt LED’s. The annual savings to the University is 2,464 kilowatt hours and $177 with a new operating cost of $5.50 compared to the incandescent cost of $183.00. 
As improvements like these are continuing to be made, the U of R continues on its path to become a more sustainable place to be!!
(Note: Savings based on .072 cents per kWh.)

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