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Judy ClayIf you stand still the world will pass you by. One group never standing still is our Central Utilities (CU) Facilities team. CU’s activities involve much more than operating an energy efficient power plant. The CU crews are out on our two main campuses monitoring the piping that carries the energy as well as repairing and replacing our infrastructure so those pipes become more efficient. There will be more to come in the following weeks on CU’s plan of implementing environmentally friendly/sustainable practices in managing the modern power plant. For now, CU has been performing many road construction projects (repairing and improving our infrastructure). Because of the scope of these projects, over 50 tons!!!!! of concrete was recycled the past month. Fifty tons of concrete NOT going to a landfill; but recycled and reused. CU doesn’t stop there either. They also purchase recycled materials as road base.

Just as all power plants must face the present and the future with a philosophy and dedication towards sustainability, it’s terrific that Central Utilities at the University of Rochester lives and breathes that philosophy and practices that dedication. Much more than a slogan; for CU it’s a way of life. Thanks to Chris Howe, his crews and his leadership for working hard and smart. So, if you see these folks sweating under the summer sun give a brief nod in appreciation of  their efforts. They truly are stewards of the planet.

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