Buy wind power

The University of Rochester announced on Friday that they have purchased renewable energy credits (RECs), using wind energy to power 100 percent of the electricity used in residential life buildings on the River Campus for the next two years. You too can buy wind power regardless of your energy supplier. Rochester Gas and Electric provides detailed information about the benefits of selecting wind power and how to sign up on the RG&E website.

Why purchase wind energy?
It’s a renewable energy source which means it can never be depleted. Wind Energy is a “green” energy source that also promotes our energy independence.

How much can it help?
Purchasing 200 kilowatt-hours of wind energy every month for one year reduces carbon dioxide emissions the equivalent to planting 1 acre of trees or not driving 2,194 miles.

 wind power

By purchasing wind power the University of Rochester is continuing its commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. The wind power initiative is one example of the University’s efforts to promote a sustainable society through academic and educational programs, as well as in the operation of its campuses and facilities. You can find more information about the University of Rochester’s sustainability programs at the University of Rochester sustainability website .

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