Why not participate?

our fragile worldUniversity Facilities and Services is proud to have had the opportunity to participate in Seneca Park Zoo’s Environmental Fair – Our Fragile World. Amy Kadrie, Carolina Clemente and Pat Beaumont hosted a table focused on recycling and sustainability.

The Seneca Park Zoo has a goal to engage, inspire and empower citizens to act on behalf of wildlife, nature and our environment. One of the best ways they achieve this goal is by hosting the Our Fragile World Environmental Fair.

The University of Rochester’s Facilities Department was one of more than 30 local environmentally-conscious businesses, nature organizations and government agencies that are working to improve the health of our local environment. The goal of our efforts is to help students learn how to make our world a healthier place for wildlife, your children and generations to come.

On Friday, hundreds of local middle-school students zoo photovisited the University of Rochester’s booth and learned important messages about recycling. On Saturday, we interacted with families and their children.

We are proud to do our part. You can also get involved by either participating in sustainability events or attending events such as this. Why not participate? – It is fun and good for the earth too!

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