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Judy ClayWhat makes blogging fun(!) is knowing you are reaching an audience that is as diverse as our planet. Some of our readers are college graduates from years (maybe decades) gone by. For those folks, end of the school year move-out wasn’t quite a huge task; because we threw lots of stuff away. Unfortunately,we weren’t nearly as educated and aware as students today. We didn’t put a whole lot of thought in cleaning out our rooms; we wanted to get out as quickly as possible. Well, students today still want to get out of here as soon as they can; but they are putting forth an effort to reuse and recycle their unwanted items. UR is supporting two initiatives that is good for the planet and those less fortunate than us. Grassroots, the student organization dedicated to sustainability and recycling continue to sponser “Dump and Run”. On two Saturdays in May, students can donate gently used items to Grassroots so they can re-sell those items. This helps with their funding and their mission of promoting a sustainable world. Items that are not sold are donated to those in need. Another initiative, “End-Of-The-Year Clean Out” is supported by administration and students and asks for clothing, non-persihable foods, and electronics. These items are donated to such worthy charities as Planet Aid and the Open Door Mission. In 2009, over 2,000 pounds of clothing, 300 pounds of food and 1,200 pounds of electronics was collected. 2010 promises to top that number. So, while us older folks may have slipped along the way in running off campus and leaving mounds of trash behind; it’s nice to know that students today are doing their part all year long.

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