Clay’s Corner

Judy ClayHey kids! Looks like a typical Rochester winter storm is underway. For those of you new to our little neck of the woods, you probably thought winter was almost over since it is the end of February. Ha! Once again Mother Nature has pulled the ice melt from under your boots. This is the time of year when we get blitzed with crazy storms. The next month can go from sunny, mild and 60 to a sub-zero blizzard in a day. Just think of it as Western New York’s version of March Madness (please don’t sue me NCAA. It’s not like I said “Super Bowl”-oops).

Do ya know what I hate most about our long winters here? It’s getting Tweets, Face Book posts and email from friends in warmer climates telling me: “yes, you do have a long winter and it must be tough getting around, but it looks so beautiful.” Before I de-friend them, I’m quick to add: “yes, it ALWAYS looks better as a picture. I especially enjoy looking at pictures of snow when I’m laying on a beach in Florida, you *%#*^%&!!!!”

Well, as you know, University Facilities and Services grounds crew and other staff are here around the clock keeping all campuses safe each and every winter. Since budgets are a little tight we can’t have one member of the grounds crew per snowflake, so please be patient with us as we strive to keep your “home” as safe as possible. Take your time; be kind to your friendly facilities staff and each other. Because once we finish with you, we get to go home and do this all over again.

Oh, and please wipe your feet. You weren’t raised in a barn (unless you were, so I apologize. But still wipe your feet).