Small-Scale Waste Reduction Projects Add Up

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In effort to reduce the amount of waste associated with student move-in, many different University departments on campus have worked together to responsibly recycle or even donate items that would have otherwise been disposed of. These are small-scale move-in projects with large-scale impacts. In preparation for students to move in for the academic year, Residential Life […]

Transfers, Promotions & Service Recognition

"Excellence is not a single act, but a habit." -- Aristotle
Cathy Dierna
promoted to Deputy to the Associate Vice President
Russell Olles
promoted to Mechanic A
Jessica Elias
transferred to Secretary IV
Mike O'Meara promoted to RCFO Building Mechanic A
Joshua Pfluke transferred to Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic A
James Chodak promoted to Director of Transportation and Parking Management
Jennifer Rudolfs promoted to Director of Medical Center Planning and Project Management
Paul Spaulding promoted to Director of River Campus Planning and Project Management
2016 Service Recognition
  • James Corsi
  • James Emens
  • Walter Mauldin
  • Kevin Monna
  • Les Pfluke
  • John Redhead
  • Chris Roden
  • David Bell
  • Scott D Carlton
  • Joanne Conlon
  • Ronald Crandall
  • Lucinda Cruz
  • Edward Gossling
  • John Masiello
  • Marie Torrens
  • Walter Weems
  • John Williams
  • Mark Boyd
  • Jeffrey Foster
  • Willie Graham
  • Ronald Hobbs
  • Samuel Killion
  • Lisa Kinnaird
  • Mary Ann Miller
  • Darlene Sanders
  • Patricia Brunson
  • Robin Haten
  • Charise Jones
  • Glendora Lilley
  • Melinda Moore
  • David Nelson
  • Norman Rhow
  • Carlos Rios
  • James M Worden
  • John Nastasi
  • Robert Carr
  • Barry McHugh
  • Antonio Mormino
  • Joseph Cintorino
  • Mark Englerth
  • James Harris
  • Marian Hill
  • James Robinson
  • Rose Marie Bennett
  • Alan Borlaug
  • Jeffery Coley
  • Tammy Parker
  • Joseph Capellupo
  • Walter Poteat
  • Kenneth Warren
  • Cedric Anderson
  • Tawanda Barron
  • Connie Taylor
  • Wendy Craig
  • Robert Fryer
  • Francisco Pena
  • James Burke
  • Christina Goodermote
  • Timothy Morrow
  • Douglas Adams
  • Cassandra Montgomery
  • Karen Henderberg
  • David C Coleman
  • Douglas J Azzolina
  • Anthony J DeCarlis
  • Michael J McDermott
  • John Wasnock
  • Brenda Pitoni
  • Tony Richard Lobdell
  • Ulysses H Holmes
  • Alain Gagne
  • Felix Montanez
  • Joseph Viterna
  • Hyacinth John - Charles
  • Larry Johnson
  • Kristin Wolcik
  • Peter Lootens
  • Margarita Reyes
  • Jeffrey Caleb
  • William Kolb
  • Gregory Walker
  • Joseph DeLuzio
  • Andrew Herdzik
  • John McCauley
  • James Palermo
  • Robert Brown
  • Kimberly Taylor
  • Paul Mulrain
  • Kenneth Widanka
  • Larry Hunsinger
  • Genorval Hobbs
  • Robert Arena
  • Shalamar Stjepanovic
  • Michael Sydow

News and Events


Tiera Tanksley (Monica Tanksley, Parking) presented at the Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference in Los Angeles, CA on February 24th.  Her presentation was entitled “Mixed Race Studies in Higher Education: Past, Present and Future”.

Peace Lily

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the following for their loss of a loved one.  Our hearts go out to you!

Joe Capellupo (MCFO) - Loss of his wife
Ron Hobbs (RCFO) - Loss of his wife and son
Billy and Tawanda McCall (RCESW) - Loss of their brother
Phil Sheehan (MCFO) - Loss of his uncle


Memorial Day - May 29, 2017

Independence Day - July 4, 2017

Commendations & I-Care Nominees

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Thank you all for a fantastic job in the rapid completion of repairs to our recovery room this past week. Appreciate the timely service and dedication to customer satisfaction. You guys were always ready to start and finish the day with a smile. Appreciate your hard work and commitment to complete the job in a timely and satisfactory manner.
David Barry, Nicholas Battista, Charles Onufryk, Noel Cummings and Randal Nundy
David Barry, Nicholas Battista, Charles Onufryk, Noel Cummings and Randal Nundy From Michele Atkinson
Thank You for completing a daunting task so quickly on ac3 in our recovery room after sustaining water damage. It was very much appreciated and your commitment to excellence with a smile was very much appreciated by us all on ac3!!!
Nicholas Battista, David Barry, Charles Onufryk, Noel Cummings and Randal Nundy
Nicholas Battista, David Barry, Charles Onufryk, Noel Cummings and Randal Nundy From Michele Atkinson
I was lost in the hospital and Kurt took the time to help an old lady find her husband in the hospital. Thank you so much!
Kurt Blake
Kurt Blake From An Impressed Visitor
I would like to give a Strong Star to our Mail Services Courier, Bob Brown. He arrives every day to our location at 77 Ridgeland Rd to pick up our lab reports for distribution. He is very attentive to our procedure and is aware of when things need to be done. Recently I was covering in the print room (where our lab reports are printed) for my co-worker who was on vacation. Bob came in and noticed that we were low on envelopes. He suggested that I put in an order so he could deliver them in a few days. This gesture was greatly appreciated since it helped us to continue to run smoothly & get the reports out on time. Thanks Bob!
Robert Brown
Robert Brown From Susan D'Arienzo
Jim has been working with me to renovate my office. He removed cupboards over my desk, patched perfectly the holes left in the desk top and built new shelves to match the finish on the desk. He did an amazing job and  I am very grateful for his skills as well as his patience.
James Burke
James Burke From Rachel Zapata-Bermudez
Our patient unfortunately fell in the parking lot, was unable to get up by herself. Kevin was a rockstar, acted quickly to get a wheelchair, helped the patient up by himself, brought her in promptly to get help and be evaluated. Truly showing all aspects of the ICARE values. Thank you so much Kevin! 
Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter From Crystal Yero
Julie and her team did a fantastic job coordinating clean up and repair of a flooded area on ac3 this week. Her organization of a rapid turnover amazed me! Our recovery room and 2 offices were damaged from water. Julie organized a top notch crew that completed clean up , patching and painting and returned our area to perfect condition and ready for patient care within days. This required multiple visits for follow-up and phone calls to facilitate added care from environmental services outside our standard business hours. Thank you Julie and this fabulous team for your attention to detail and commitment to excellence . All this was done with a smile from everyone who came to complete the job as well!!
Julie Chapman
Julie Chapman From Michele Atkinson
Joe is always so friendly and accommodating. Whenever we need something done on our unit, Joe responds right away and is always pleasant and professional. He even stops in every now and then to just check in and ask if there is anything we need help with. I feel he exemplifies the ICare values of going above and beyond. Thank you Joe!
Joseph Cintorino
Joseph Cintorino From Gaboriault
I called facilities for a normal job and Joshua was one of the two guys that came to work the assignment. The guys just happen to walk up to my door and asked for me. When I told them I was the person they were looking for Joshua instantly said you really need a name tag. Needless to say, I walked in about a week later and I had my name tag. Joshua really didn't have to go out his way to request this for me but he did and for that I'm thankful!
Joshua Crompton
Joshua Crompton From Thatcher Marks
Thank you Tony for the repairs done in our recovery room last week on ac3. Your timely effort and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Our recovery room was back in order within days and ready for patient care. Thanks again for your hard work and attention to customer satisfaction!
Anthony DeCarlis
Anthony DeCarlis From Michele Atkinson
Had to get 3 computers upgraded to Windows 10 for new Lenel Software. Michelle purchased a new laptop that is smaller and works very quickly out in the field replacing an 8 year old outdated one. She also updated two more computers with Windows 10 working with Security on one of them. She is always pleasant to work with and her response is very quick. If I had any questions or concerns, she rectifies them asap. These upgrades went quickly and smoothly allowing me to always get into one computer so I could look at Lenel, or do my Famis time while another computer was being worked on.. This was essential as I rely on Famis, Lenel and my email. She is a great team worker.
Michele Dorak
Michele Dorak From Vivan Zinszer
Earl looked at our broken tray table for the keyboard. He said it would a day or two after the weekend. He was back in ten minutes and did a wonderful job of fixing it. This kept the flow of our very busy unit very smooth and without delays. Thank you, Earl!
Earl Eckam
Earl Eckam From Michael Sirianni
Jacob went above and beyond to help us fix our door on the C side of our dialysis unit. He had a very fast response and even fixed two cabinets while he was here, which weren't even on his work order. Thank you for being such a hard worker Jacob! 🙂
Jacob Everett
Jacob Everett From Brittany N. Moore
Jacob is always so helpful and a pleasure to deal with. When our unit needs assistance, he always responds quickly and is very friendly. He always is polite and makes sure all our needs have been met before he leaves our unit. I am so thankful to be working with him each day. Thank you Jacob.
Jacob Everett
Jacob Everett From Debra Gaboriault
Scott was approached by a patient who was asking for pliers. Scott asked the patient what needed to be fixed and the patient handed over glasses that needed to be adjusted. Scott happily adjusted the glasses and the patient was very happy! Thank you...
Scott Fischer
Scott Fischer From Liannea Couvertier Cook
One evening while working in the Emergency Department there was a visitor who was waiting for his loved one to receive a room, and he happened to break his glasses. He was having a very difficult time waiting on his loved one and his glasses being broken just made matters much worse for him. I informed the gentleman that I knew someone who could possibly help him with his glasses. I immediately contacted Ben, and he told me that he will be there ASAP. Understanding that Ben is a very busy man, I did not tell the visitor a timeframe on when to expect help; no more than 2 minutes later, Ben was here. He fixed the visitors glasses in just a few seconds and this visitor was incredibly thankful for the fast service that Ben provided. Thank you Ben for everything that you do for the hospital and everyone in it.
Benjamin Folk
Benjamin Folk From Marcello Wright
Ben and Phillip were a tremendous help. Each year we hold an annual lecture, and I had asked for facilities assistance in the setup of the room we were utilizing. Ben and Phillip were incredibly helpful moving tables and meticulously arranging chairs. They also offered to come back after the event to rearrange the room to its original setup. They both had a friendly and positive attitude, and their assistance was greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Benjamin Folk and Phillip Sheehan
Benjamin Folk and Phillip Sheehan From Debra Longbine
John helped me and my partner one day when we had spilled a drink coming out of the elevator. He was not only patient while we cleaned it but found a mop and helped us after. Thank you John for all you do!
John Habets
John Habets From A Grateful Person
While walking through the hall, I encountered a visitor who was attempting to push both a wheelchair and a stroller at the same time. Bob was walking in front of me and spotted the visitor as well. He instantly stopped and offered to help the man push one. Bob quickly handed over his belongings to a coworker, grabbed the wheelchair, and assisted the visitor and his family to the cafeteria. I was very impressed by Bob's offer and willingness to help, as this was above and beyond his usual duties.
Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm From Erinn Sisson
I recently needed assistance with a large project with a tight deadline. It required pulling records from several years back. Karen, Kathy and Kendra were extremely helpful and turned around my request very quickly. Thank you so much, all your efforts were greatly appreciated!
Karen Koenig, Kathleen Szweda and Kendra Morris
Karen Koenig, Kathleen Szweda and Kendra Morris From Karen Kelly
We recently moved to the new building on East River Road. Craig and Scott from facilities have been very attentive to any issues that we may have run into. From the boxes that needed to be thrown out to the strange noise coming out of the wall, they would see a potential issue and bring it to our attention. Coming from Corporate Woods, where we were secluded from our department, to this building, where we feel that we are a valued part of the larger team, thanks to Craig and Scott.
Craig LaFave and J. Scott Anslem
Craig LaFave and J. Scott Anslem From Elizabeth Sicard
Steve Leslie, Ben Folk, Paul Mulrain , and Jim Worden went out of their way to isolate the SMH Steam and Condensate and put them on bypass because of an an emergency at Central Utilities. These gentlemen had stayed past their regular hours, came in from home, and changed schedules to make this critical bypass a success with no down time to any heating systems or equipment! It is good to know that we have such gentlemen working for Facilities that can make these critical adjustments to make this a success! Kudos to you all!
Stephen Leslie, Benjamin Folk, Paul Mulrain and James Worden
Stephen Leslie, Benjamin Folk, Paul Mulrain and James Worden From Bryan Johnston
Michelle went above and beyond in truly having students in her class understand the material. She is truly an amazing instructor. It is important to truly listen and care about employees when teaching a class like this. Great job, Michelle!
Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis From Valerie Campione
Patrick always makes sure our office is comfortable. He always goes out of his way to help us with any issues we need. He is always easy to get a long with and always has a smile on his face. we don't know what we would do without him!
Patrick Long
Patrick Long From Rina Pedone
Damon did NOT have the answers regarding a flag lowering ceremony BUT he was able to get me in contact with the appropriate people. Thank you for streamlining this painful process of losing a co-worker and dear friend.
J. Damon McCrory
J. Damon McCrory From Kathleen Mihal
Brian and Ashley are great! I have been having issues with my heat for the last few weeks and just called today as it was freezing in my office. Ashley was there within 10 mins. My whole unit needed to be replaced and Brian showed up to help to get the job done on a Friday afternoon. They were both professional, and courteous! I am so happy to have heat, and just wanted to take the time to recognize them both for such a wonderful job! 
Brian Morey and Ashley Smith
Brian Morey and Ashley Smith From Lauren Daniels
We go through tubes in the ED as fast as candy! On this particular day Seth began at 5pm searching for tubes for us because he knew we would need them! He showed up with a cart full, that lasted the whole night. It was a great help to not have to wait for tubes! Thank you Seth for going the extra mile to find the ED an abundance of tubes!
Seth Morrissey
Seth Morrissey From Amanda Milliman
Working in the Emergency Department you may be surprised how many times we may call for tubes during a given evening shift. As can be expected they can be a pretty hot item to the medical staff to ensure that labs are done efficiently and for other important patient care matters. We generally run out of them pretty quickly! Most nights when we call we will promptly receive a few tubes at a time. It's good enough to get us through a brief window, but it never lasts for long. However, whenever Seth is working he always goes out of his way to bring a cart of tubes down to us! It is so incredibly appreciated and saves us so much time calling. Thank you for being awesome Seth!
Seth Morrissey
Seth Morrissey From Mike Anastasia
On 2-1800 we had a cabinet draw that was broken for 6 months. I call for repair and I was told it could not be repaired. We needed to buy a new cabinet. Well on Monday morning 02/20/17 Charles and Noel came to our unit to install a tracking board and they were able to fix our broken ugly draw with 2 screws in 5 minutes. We appreciate, these 2 guys for taking a little time out and going above and beyond. Charles and Noel were polite and approachable. Thank You, you are strong stars.
Charles Onufryk and Noel Cummings
Charles Onufryk and Noel Cummings From Barbara Gaston
Bill and his team are always accommodating and last week went above and beyond in their speed, timeliness and making extra trips to assure our patients never ran out of medications.
Wasyl Orel
Wasyl Orel From Nilesh Gohil
I just want to say thank you to Donnell. I had a chair that I needed assembled. My office called down to facilities to have someone come up. Within minutes Donnell arrived and scheduled a specific time with me to assemble the chair. The time came Donnell was here sharp on time and with a very polite greeting. Minutes later the chair was fully put together and ready for use. For this I feel he deserves a strong star.
Donell Ragland
Donell Ragland From Nevin Steward
Tony Redden and Abner Vargas took great care in responding to our request to give Sarah Dermady access to a room that holds equipment to do her job. While this seems routine, the way in which Tony promised to elevate our request was sincere and he took the time to inform Abner. Abner in turn was wonderful in stating that he learned of our request and ran over as soon as he could to complete it. Abner double checked that the access worked and then asked if I needed anything else. Thank you so very kindly for your good nature and professionalism. Bless you both!
Anthony Redden and Abner Vargas
Anthony Redden and Abner Vargas From Karen Grabowski
Nathan is always very pleasant while completing jobs in Child Neurology. He has great customer service skills and will go the extra mile to make sure we understand all that is involved with the repair. I appreciate his efforts in maintaining great interdepartmental relations by sharing his knowledge. I am certain that when we have a problem and Nathan shows up, that there will be an efficient resolution. Thanks Nathan for being a perfect example of Great Customer Service!
Nathan Schwaderer
Nathan Schwaderer From Chennel Anderso
We were in desperate need of repainting our EDCT control area and it is a very difficult space to work in due to its 24/7 operations and patient volume. Dave assured us we would have an early start and their crew would work around the staff. I am extremely impressed with their ability to paint around a fully functioning EDCT area without dropping a spot of paint on anything. This was done quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. The room looks fantastic thanks to Dave, Jason and Mike, Thank you from CT!!
Jason Schulmerich, Michael LaMora and David Barry
Jason Schulmerich, Michael LaMora and David Barry From Erik Saluste
We needed some chair legs put on 2 chairs as soon as possible. Just so happen John was in the area with his drill. We asked him to help us and without question he drilled the chair legs. This was a huge help to us as we did not have a place to place the chairs temporarily until the chairs were set up. Thank you so much John for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us!
John Siracusa
John Siracusa From Clara Washington
Both of you are Awesome! Thanks for your support in getting these sensors processed through our purchasing system. I so appreciate your help. Thanks so much… Walt 
Kathleen Szweda and Karen Koenig
Kathleen Szweda and Karen Koenig From Walt Poteat