04.Oct.2012 10/15 Minorities and Women in OSA Breakfast

For those of you planning to attend the upcoming Frontiers in Optics conference (Rochester, NY Oct. 14-18), you won’t want to miss this event.

Minorities and Women in OSA (MWOSA) Breakfast
Monday, 15 October, 07:00 – 08:00
Grand Ballroom A, B, & C, Hyatt Regency Rochester

The guest speaker is Mrs. Jennifer Kruschwitz, who won the 2012 Technology Woman of the Year award from Digital Rochester. She will be talking about her experience in self employment, discussing “The Consultant’s Roadmap: How to Start the Journey, Navigate, and Interpret the Important Signs.”

Visit the OSA website to view more information about this event, and to register.

10.Apr.2012 4/16 Lunch Discussion with Candace Curran

Join us for a lunch discussion with Candace Curran, JD.


Monday, April 16

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Goergen 109




Candace Curran is an Associate at Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, where she practices in the litigation group. She will be discussing with us the legal aspects of job interviews and negotiations.

Brown bag lunch: bring your own lunch and join in the discussion!

All faculty and students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome!

You can download the poster for this event here. Contact Cristina Canavesi at wieroc AT gmail DOT com for more information.

27.Feb.2012 3/6 Coffee Break with Kristin Vogt

Join us for a special coffee time discussion with Kristin Vogt.


Tuesday, March 6

2:00 PM

Goergen 109



Kristin Vogt is Product Marketing Manager for Edmund Optics. She received a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Optics from the University of Rochester in 2005. She’s been with EO since then, working her way from Applications Engineering to Product Marketing.  In her current role she interfaces between engineering and marketing to present products in a way that is useful to customers. This includes both the print and online catalogs, technical notes and product demonstrations. She also spent two years in the Singapore office working with the technical support, sales, and marketing teams in Asia.

Coffee break meeting: join us for this special time and format to have an open discussion about career path and other topics.

You can download a poster for this event here. For more infomation, contact Cristina Canavesi at wieroc AT gmail DOT com.


13.Jan.2012 1/19 Special Seminar by Dr. Angela Eggleston

A special seminar will take place on January 19th, sponsored by the NIH T32 Training Grant in Cellular, Biochemical and Molecular Sciences and Graduate Women in Science.

SPEAKER: Angela Eggleston, Ph.D., Senior Editor, Biology, Nature Magazine, Boston, MA
TOPIC:  Through the Looking Glass: Demystifying the Editorial Process of High-Impact Science Publishing
LOCATION: Medical Center, Upper S-Wing Auditorium (3-7619)
DAY & TIME: THURSDAY, January 19, 2012 1:00 p.m. – 2:-00 p.m.

Dr. Eggleston will also be discussing her interesting career path to Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) in a talk entitled “From Red Drinks to Red Pens: The Unnoticed Decisions that Led to My Career as an Editor” at 3:00 p.m. in the Case Method Auditorium (1-9576).  This talk is open to everyone.

14.Dec.2011 Finding Wisdom for Life at Professional Events

Yesterday I wrote a guest post for the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies blog. You can check it out here or below.

I also wanted to share a link to the media library of the Minorities & Women in OSA (the Optical Society, one of the professional societies in my field) – you can find several interesting videos of panel discussions with women in optics.

Here is what I wrote for the SBAI blog:

On November 29th, the Women’s Forum of Kodak Employees (WFKE) organized a panel discussion and networking event at Eastman Business Park. WFKE has held several events for women in the past, but this was to my knowledge the first one open to the general public. I was made aware of this opportunity through a friend who works at RIT, and I couldn’t pass the chance to hear what prominent women leaders from Rochester and New York had to share.

Having attended a few women panel discussions at professional conferences and having organized one myself at the University, I wasn’t surprised to hear the panelists touch many of the familiar topics: work/life balance (is there one?); prioritizing; good and bad career advice; how the role of women has changed in the past decades. But then one of the panelists, Susan Roberts (Corporate Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Bausch + Lomb) passed on a piece of advice she’d gotten from another woman a few years back, and it resonated with me. I find myself complaining a lot about the stuff I have to do, stuff that I would gladly have someone else do at my place, but I have to take care of it myself. We all have that kind of stuff in our lives: house chores, doctor’s visits, service engagements… But instead of complaining that I have to do this and that, I should think of all the people in my life – and we all know several – that don’t get to do these things, because of illness and cancer. There are so many things that I get to do that they cannot, and would very much like to. It’s a small change in perspective, but I find it really helps to keep priorities straight.

Once again, it was proven to me that attending this type of event is always worthwhile, and I went home with a very relevant message.

28.Nov.2011 Take Advantage of All Discussion Opportunities

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to – and attended – a luncheon organized by the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies for female graduate students in STEM fields across the university. The topic of the discussion was work/life balance; Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences  Joanna Olmsted and Dean of Graduate Studies Wendi Heinzelman were invited as guest speakers to share their personal stories about juggling family and academia as a young faculty. But what I found even more interesting than their inspiring testimony was tho hear from fellow students who, even though in different fields from me, face many of the same challenges and doubts that I face in my PhD path. Having a small group of people led to frank and constructive discussion. It made me wish for a peer mentoring group – something I’d never felt the need for before. And it made me jealous when I learnt from one of the students present that junior graduate female students in computer-related fields have a whole conference dedicated to them. The fact that it is free with reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses is irrelevant to me; I would gladly pay out of my own pocket to have the opportunity to sit in on presentations on how to build confidence, on work/family balance and on communication strategies (just to name a few of the topics of this workshop). Incidentally, they also organize the same kind for young women faculty as well. Hearing about this made me wish there was anything even remotely similar in my own field… and got me started thinking how to make it happen.

In short, I went to a lunch on work/life balance, and came home full of ideas on peer mentoring groups and workshops for female grad students.

So here is my advice  for this month. Take advantage of any opportunity offered to you – be it the WiE meetings, a University-wide discussion, or a national conference in your field. This is the time to do it – there is never a better time, things never slow down. You won’t be sorry for taking the time to do this. It may lead you in a direction that was not the original intent of that event, and that’s what makes these experiences so precious.

08.Nov.2011 11/29 Women Leadership Event at Kodak

A very interesting women leadership event will take place at Kodak on November 29th. I encourage everyone to attend; the panelists are successful women leaders and this will also be a great opportunity for networking. RSVP is required by Nov. 18th. Details are posted below and in the poster here.


Women’s Forum of Kodak Employees (WFKE ) invites you to a Panel Discussion with Rochester Senior Executive Women.  Tuesday, November 29th from 3:00 – 6:00 PM in Kodak’s Colonial Dining Room (Eastman Business Park, Bldg.. 28).
The panel discussion will be facilitated by Marty Britt, Director and Vice President of Leadership Development, Eastman Kodak Company.  Marty will lead a discussion to explore the panelists’ career experiences and the leadership lessons gained along the way.  This is a great opportunity to network with women from Rochester companies.

The following women are on the panel:
Mary-Beth Cooper, PhD, Senior vice President for Student Affairs, RIT
Linda Lam
, Northeast Sub-Area, Assurance Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
Dolores K. Kruchten
, General Manager, Business Solutions and Services and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company
Kathleen Mulholland Parrinello
, RN, PhD, FACHE, Chief Operating Officer, Strong Memorial Hospital, Associate Vice President URMC
Susan Roberts
, Corporate Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Alice Calabrese Smith
, President and CEO, Lollypop Farm
Jennifer Vossler
, Vice President and Controller, Paychex

Networking starts at 3pm and panel discussion begins at 3:45pm.  Open Q&A and networking will end the session.

This is a free event but registration is required.  To register, email melanie.marshall AT kodak.com by November 18th.

04.Nov.2011 11/18 Lunch Discussion with Prof. Regine Choe

Join us for a lunch discussion with Prof. Regine Choe.


Friday, November 18

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Goergen 108



Regine Choe is an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rochester. She obtained her B.S. in Physics at the Pohang University of Science & Technology in Korea. She received her Ph.D.  degree in Physics & Astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005.

Her research interests are the development and application of diffuse optical techniques to various human diseases (e.g. cancer) and organs (e.g. breast and brain). She is a recipient of NIH Howard Temin Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00)analysis project.

Brown bag lunch: bring your own lunch and join in the discussion!

Topics of discussion will include career options and job search advice.

All faculty and students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome!

You can download the poster for this event here. Contact Cristina Canavesi at wieroc AT gmail DOT com for more information.

18.Oct.2011 10/28/2011 WiE Lunch Discussion with Dr. Alexis Vogt

Join us for a lunch discussion with Dr. Alexis Vogt.


Friday, October 28 2011

12:00 PM – 1: 00 PM

108 Goergen



Alexis KS Vogt, PhD is an Optical Design Engineer for Bausch + Lomb. She was invited to join the Lens  Design department in January 2008. Her primary duties involve designing and developing innovative multifocal contact lenses and leading the contact lens competitive analysis project.

Dr. Vogt received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Optics from the Instutite of Optics at the University of Rochester where she conducted her research on stress-engineered optical elements under the guidance of Professor Thomas G. Brown. In addition to her research publications, Dr. Vogt co-authored the definitions of “light” and “polarization” for The World Book Encyclopedia. She dedicates time to youth outreach and has been involved with coordinating and presenting optics demonstrations to children and educators both within the Rochester community and internationally.

Brown bag lunch: bring your own lunch and join in the discussion! Topics of discussion will include career options and job search advice.

All faculty and students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome!

The poster for this event can be found here.

Contact Cristina Canavesi at wieroc AT gmail.com for more information

26.Sep.2011 Fill in the WiE Survey!

I have prepared a brief survey for you to indicate what topics and activities you are most interested in. Please fill in the information by Sunday, Oct. 2! We have exciting plans for the year and need your input to target them to meet your interests.

Complete survey here.