Graduate Housing Guide & Community Policies

Graduate Housing Guide

Graduate Housing Guide

Whipple Park and University Housing Policies

Smoking Policy: All residents are prohibited from smoking indoors. You must smoke 30 feet (10 meters) away from buildings and playgrounds.

Parking Policy: Vehicles must hold permits. Bring your license to the office to receive your permit. You must also utilize roads and parking lots for deliveries and moving in. Do not drive on the grass. Let’s keep our space nice.

Noise Policy: Please be observant of the time of day and your noise level. Our expectations are that you observe a quieter living between 10:00pm and 8:00am each day. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. [Similarly, think about how your actions in general affect others beforehand. Do not take something that does not belong to you. Only take packages that have your name on them. Pick up after yourself.]


Rent: Remember to include your Apartment number on the memo line of your rent check or money order. Pay your rent early to avoid late charges when traveling. Only leaseholders are allowed to pay the rent each month. One simple way to manage your rent payments is by setting up an automatic payment through your bank and having them issue the payment directly to the office. Here are the steps to follow:

1) The check must come from the leaseholder.

2) Checks needs to be issued to this address:

Whipple Park office #296 Quinby Rd.
Rochester, NY 14623

3) Your name/address also needs to be recorded on the check

4) Include your Apartment number (ex. 749 Richardson) Rent is due the 1st of every month.

There is a grace period until the 6th of the month, however, we urge residents to pay their rent early or on time. No CASH, DEBIT CARDS or CREDIT CARDS are accepted for payment. There is a late fee of $5.00US per day which includes Sat, & Sun, beginning on the 6th of the month. The exact amount of your rent is required. Avoid late fees by paying on time.

Maintenance: Need something fixed? Leaky faucet? Toilet won’t flush? Please call (585) 424-4510. Remember to have your room number and problem ready to explain. The office is open between 8:30am and 12:00pm, closes for lunch, and reopens between 12:30pm and 4:00pm. Come to the office with plenty of time to talk. If you need to catch the bus, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. The office is closed during National holidays. Be kind and respectful on the phone and in person. Your politeness is appreciated.

Roommate Registration: All Leaseholders are responsible to register their identified roommate who agrees to share accommodations with the eligible leaseholder. Unregistered roommates will not be able to gain access to the leaseholders apartment if they are locked out and are unable to request maintenance assistance. Roommates must meet the qualifications outlined in the Graduate Housing Guidelines (ex. must be current UR Graduate Students or in a sponsored residency program).

Extended Family Registration: Many residents of Whipple Park have families with small children. In cases where you need childcare for a small child (<12 years old), you may ask a parent or grandparent to provide care for your child up to 6 months of an academic year (July – May). We urge all families to register a parent/grandparent with the Whipple Park Office during business hours during the first 16 days of your parent/grandparent’s stay. There is an additional fee of $50.00 per month that will be added to your rent during that first month and each additional month up to 6 months.

It is your responsibility to update the office of your extended family status. Your parent/grandparent will need a license or passport to be registered in the office. After 6 months, your parent/grandparent must not live in the apartments until the next academic year. Parents/grandparents need to stay in a bedroom. Basements, hallways, and other communal living spaces should not have a bed/mattress in them. If you do not register your parent/grandparent by the 16th day of an extended stay, you may be charged an additional rent amount, be charged with abuse of your lease agreement, face disciplinary action, or may face eviction. Rationale: Your parent/grandparent’s safety is important. He/she should be registered so that we can identify this person, allow them access to your apartment in the event of a lockout, and evacuate the premises if there is a fire/emergency.

Guest Policy: You are allowed to have a guest up to 16 days each Semester (Fall/Spring). A guest can be anyone including: a family member, a peer, or a significant other. Your guest does not need to be registered with the office, however, it is your responsibility to escort your guest and you are ultimately responsible for your guest’s needs. These requirements include lock outs, maintenance concerns, and parking. Abuse of the guest policy, illegal subletting, or other thefts of services may result in a violation of your lease agreement, possible disciplinary action, or eviction.

Rationale: The College understands that you have a right to have guests, however we also must protect the lease agreement you signed for living in Graduate Housing. Due to a high level of abuse of the lease agreement, this policy reflects the requirement you have for the safety of the community to register roommates and keep guests to a minimum during your time seeking a higher degree completion.


*Cleanliness & Hygiene: You are expected to clean your apartment regularly and or keep it clean while in residence. Please be mindful to regularly clean your appliances, refrigerators, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. Dirty apartments attract pests and bacteria that can affect your neighbors. If you need tips on how to clean, take a look at these videos: or: or this one:

*Recycling & Waste: Our community has the expectation that you will sort out your recyclables and to take your garbage to the appropriate dumpsters. PLACE ALL your garbage inside the designated green dumpster. Do not leave garbage bags, refuse, or waste next to the dumpster. Make sure to pick up your blue recycling bin after your recyclables are removed (Mondays). Failure to do so may result in a $25 fine. *Bathrooms: Tenants MUST purchase a shower curtain when they move in. Do not use the shower without one. You will be responsible for damage to the apt due to water on the bathroom floor. You can find shower curtains for less than $5.00 at local department stores.

*Laundry: The Laundry Room is located near the bus stop and connected to the Whipple Park Office. Like any apartment complex, be respectful of others and watch your usage. These are coin-operated machines and use quarters (US $0.25). Report any broken machines to the office.

Heating and Cooling Units: Please discuss with your apartment-mates about regulating temperature preferences. If you go away for a long weekend, make sure to close all windows and keep the thermostat above 55 degrees to avoid broken water pipes. Close and lock your windows when you are not at home. If you are in a Townhouse and pay for your own electricity, you will not be charged for having air conditioning. However, if you live in any apartment where electricity is included in your rent, and you install air conditioner(s), you will be charged an additional $144.00 per air conditioner, per season. When the heat is on (9/28/16) keep windows closed and furniture away from radiators. Close storm windows and keep doors closed to conserve energy.

Furniture – Flooring – Walls: Please take care of your furniture, flooring, and walls. Please use light adhesives to hang posters, pictures, or wall decorations. Large screen TVs should not be mounted on the walls.

*Fire Safety: DO NOT COVER SMOKE DETECTORS. Use surge protected power strips. Avoid using candles, incense, or other open flamed items in your apartment. Many residents set off the alarms due to unattended meals and burning food. Fire alarms caused by cooking late at night, during the winter months, and early mornings are not appreciated (especially by neighbors with small children). If you are new to cooking or are unfamiliar with the sensitive fire equipment, start slow or visit Environmental Health & Safety’s website for more information:


*Outdoor Equipment: Grills, chairs, children’s toys, etc. — Please keep all personal belongings in your apartment or on your back porch. These yards and playgrounds need regular upkeep which includes mowing, fertilizing, and weeding. Keeping your respected are clean will assure the apartment complex is kept looking nice and help lessen damage or theft of toys.

*Bicycles: All bicycles should be secured to the racks provided at each building or kept inside apartments. Bicycles are not allowed to be chained to trees, light posts, or to anything in the sidewalk. Bicycles found secured inappropriately will be confiscated.


*Mail/Postage: The Apartment Office does not receive mail/deliveries. Please do not have items mailed/delivered to your apartment until you have physical moved in. Neither Rochester Management Inc., nor the Office of Graduate Housing is responsible for your postage. To assure that your mail/packages are delivered you can do one of two things:
1) You can request signature required for all your deliveries. This means the delivery companies cannot drop it off without you first signing off on it.
2) The University provides two centralized post offices. One is on River Campus and the other is at the Medical Center, which you can have shipments delivered to if you have post box. Both have boxes that you can rent during your time as a full-time grad student. (Learn more about this option here –

*Mattress Sales: Due to past issues with hygiene and bed bugs, tenants are prohibited from selling mattresses and bedsprings to other Graduate Student Tenants in Goler House, University Park, and/or Whipple Park. Do not sell your mattress to others in our community. You are allowed to give your mattress to a local charity organization like the Red Cross, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.

*Parking: Parking in Whipple Park is reserved for its residents whom have permits, Goler House residents with Special Permits, and RMI staff only. We expect that there will be instances when guests may visit. Please make your guests aware of appropriate places to park: Weekdays after 7:00pm and before 7:30am guests may use the Whipple Park lot to visit you. During the weekends all lots are open in Whipple Park, meaning that no one should be ticketed unless they are breaking a parking policy such as parking in a non-parking spot. Please contact Campus Parking 585-275-3983 and Med Center Parking 585-275-3983 to notify them of any instance of a non-ticket holder abusing these policies.

*Transportation: All of the fall Shuttle schedules have been posted to My Parking Online, call (585) 275-4524, or visit the Parking Management Center at 70 Goler House, East Drive.

*Community Room Reservations: Are you planning an event? Do you need more space for a birthday party or special occasion? The Community Room, in the basement of 231 Quinby Road, accommodates small gatherings up to 25 people. To reserve space this you must be a leaseholder. You can either contact your GCA or stop in at the Whipple Park Office during business hours. When reserving this space there are certain cleaning and neighborly expectations that you will be obligated to fulfill or you may accrue a
fine as the result of misuse or abuse of any of the following items: Folding tables/chairs; flat screen HD television with a DVD Player; table tennis table (ping pong); pictures and frames; and anything else within the community room space.] Ping Pong Table: Located in the Community room the table itself may be reserved. Please contact your GCA or the Whipple Park Office to complete the reservation. **[As usual, bring your own paddles and balls, and be mindful of the quiet/courtesy hours at all times. Please do not place food or beverages on the table, nor should you sit, stand, or be rough-housing around the table.]

*Community Garden: To register for a plot in the Community Garden please contact the Residence Director for dates and times. You must be a leaseholder to register for a plot. These spaces are for gardening only and not storage spaces. **[Please respect each other’s gardens by not taking anything that does not belong to you.]

*Personal Safety: The Peace Officers and Residential Life Graduate Community Assistants (GCAs) are there for your support. Public Safety regularly patrols the graduate areas. Remember to lock your door, secure your bike and or car if you have one, and use common sense when walking at night. Do not lend a stranger your phone to call a friend or walk across the street without checking for cars first. Please do your part to notify Security of any problems you may encounter. **In an emergency, please call # 911. We expect many of you have cell phones, but want to make sure that in case of an emergency you have the ability to notify the authorities. Please do your part to notify Public Safety (Security Services) at 585-275-3333. **