Miriam Grigsby


Rock Climbing

Hey Guys! My name is Miriam Grigsby. I’m a Junior Geology Major with Minors in Physics and Russian. Rock Climbing is my greatest passion in life. Anybody who knows me, knows that I live and breathe all things CLIMBING. I am in love with the outdoors. Obviously, this obsession extends beyond climbing to include hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing. I am terrified of just about everything in life. I’m afraid of heights, caves, actually pretty much the outdoors. I’ve decided to dedicate my life to experiencing all the things that scare me to death, because I believe you can never conquer yourself if you never face your fears. I look forward to helping you guys reach to new heights (a.k.a. climbing) not only mentally, but also physically! Climb on!

2016 University of Rochester Freshman Orientation Outing Treks