Q: How much does it cost?

A: The 2018 UR FOOT participation cost is $160

This covers food and lodging during the entire weekend and trek. More details about when and where to send payment will follow if you are selected as a Trekee. Financial accommodations are available in special circumstances.

Q: Out of everyone who wants to do this, who gets picked?

A: 121 first-year applicants will be accepted

Although we would like to make every applicant a Trekee, we only have the resources to accommodate 130 incoming first-years this year. For this reason, and because we don’t want to separate current interest from past accomplishment, we have designed the program so that our selection process is entirely random. Once you fill out the interest form, we will randomize the applicants and fill spots on our trips according to the preference of the selected individuals. Visit our APPLICATION page to learn more.

Q: When and where will I move in if I am selected?

A: Trekees will move in on the morning of Saturday, August 18th

At this point you will move into the dorm room to which you have been assigned by the University, and all the UR FOOT Leaders will be standing by, ready and waiting to assist you with the move! Parents and guardians are encouraged to come for the day to help you move-in and unpack; however, we have a Trekee-only picnic at 5:30 (see trip details for more info), so you’ll have to say your goodbyes before that.

Q: Should my parents/guardians come to UR FOOT move in, Parent Orientation, or both?

A: It is up to you to decide

We do not want to encourage or discourage, but we also do not want to put undue pressure either way. Parent Orientation does provide useful information, but if selected it is okay for your parents/guardians to just help you move in on the 18th and leave.  You also have the option of coming alone, bringing the (appropriate) gear you’ll need for the weekend, and having your parents/guardians meet you on Tueday night or Wednesday morning with the rest of the things you’re bringing with you to college.

Q: For which time should I plan my flight?

A: Additional details will be provided in late July

We do not recommend making flight plans until you have heard from us and know if you have been selected or not. The random-selection process is not complete until July 7th and you will be notified via email of the results. We know this is slightly inconvenient for making flight plans, but we aim to ensure that everyone has ample time to submit applications after receiving the mailing. If you are selected, please plan to arrive to campus on August 18th. The move-in process will take place from 12pm-4pm in assigned shifts. If you are selected as a Trekee, you will be provided with additional details for move-in.

Q: Am I going to miss the Class of 2022 First-Year Orientation?

A: Of course not! We wouldn’t let you miss that for the world!

All the Treks return to the University of Rochester Campus in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 21st, and we will have a UR FOOT dinner that night in the city. The next day, you will wake up to the rest of the class of 2022 moving in and begin your orientation week!

Q: Who is UR FOOT?

A: We are a group of University of Rochester students who share a common passion for the outdoors!