Every year Day Treks takes about 30 freshmen on three separate day hikes, through Letchworth State Park, Griffis Sculpture Park, and Stony Brook. Each day will be a new adventure through the New York wilderness as we experience hiking trails, streams, sculptures, and even the occasional swimming area.  We will be staying in cabins at Letchworth State Park that offer some of the most spectacular views of the stars at night. This trip is one of the least demanding and great for anyone who wants to get out and enjoy Western New York’s magnificent surroundings.

Gear List


Eugene Heimann

Sean Levin

Iain Speece

Daniyal Kamal

Ryan Rubenzahl

Katherine Streitwieser

Julianne McAdams

Gabi Lipschitz

Dani Douglass

Rachel Ellison

This Year’s Itinerary

August 20th

8 am – 4 pm: Trekees Move In

5 pm: Meeting for all trip participants outside Wilson Commons, near clock tower

5:30 pm: BBQ for all Trekees and Leaders (sorry parents, students only!)

8 pm: Leaders check Trekee packs for appropriate gear, clothing, and equipment

August 21st

9:30 am: Leave UR

10:30 am: Visitor’s Center Check in

11 am: Lunch

12 pm: Hike Inspiration Point

5 pm: Go to Campsite, settle in

6 pm: Games, Dinner prep

7 pm: Dinner

8 pm: Leader chat / Advice for Freshmen / Bonding time

August 22nd

7:30 am:  Breakfast prep

8 am:  Breakfast

9 am:  Depart for Sculpture Park

11 am:  Arrive, Beginning Sculptures

11:30 am:  Lunch

12 pm:   Explore Park / Hike / Climb Sculptures

3:30 pm:  Depart

5 pm:  Arrive at Campsite, Games

5:30 pm:  Dinner prep

6:30 pm:  Dinner

7:30 pm:  Games

8:30 pm:  S’mores / Games / Bonding

August 23rd

7:30 am:  Breakfast Prep

8 am:  Breakfast

8:30 am:  Clean up / Pack

9 am:  In Bus, Check out

9:30 am:  Depart for Stony Brook

10:30 am:  Arrive at Stony Brook, Hike, Play in Water/Waterfall, Lunch

4:30 pm:  Final Departure to UR

6 pm: Cookout dinner for all Trekees and Leaders

August 24th

Freshman Orientation Begins!


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