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Please use the “Comments” section of this page to list items you are selling. Make sure to include your contact information in the body of your comment. Your email address will not be automatically included. You may include up to two links to outside pages. Posts can be added anytime in addition to using the weekly email.

There will be a delay the first time you comment while an administrator acknowledges you as real person (not an automated response or spam). Subsequent posts should work without delay.

YOU MAY NOT SELL USED MATTRESSES, BOX SPRINGS, OR ANY OTHER BEDDING WITHIN UNIVERSITY PARK. Users who violate this policy will be blocked from future participation in this forum.

Thank you!

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  1. University Guest says:

    Office chair, study table, lamps, and full-length over-the-door mirror (Hang door mirror) for sale at UPK.
    Feel free to text (602) 321-8660

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