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Dear Residents,

The ISO Information Session on Immigration Enforcement Priorities (2/23) & Other Resources

The ISO and other University offices are actively trying to inform and support members of our international populations during this time of change and executive action related to US immigration policy. There has been a lot of attention on the impact of ordered travel restrictions and limits to the refugee program. While recent court rulings have meant that certain provisions of the order are not being implemented right now, these actions have created uncertainty and anxiety for many in our community. We recently held a session called “Know Your Rights: When Foreign Nationals encounter Government Officials” to help explain some of the rights and requirements you have during your time here. Please see ISO’s Event Archives page for presentation materials from this and previous sessions.

With the necessary attention on targeted travelers and on-going legal challenges, other Executive Orders issued recently have not received the same level of public attention. However, the ISO has continued to monitor those developments and is committed to educating our campus community about other issues related to immigration policy. Specifically, two orders issued on January 25 call for renewed and expanded focus on immigration enforcement priorities, which may include deportation of individuals who overstay or violate their status and/or are involved in activities that could be viewed as criminal. In our experience, foreign nationals have sometimes found themselves in situations that unintentionally escalated to require court proceedings or other legal resolution. Now, these new Executive Orders could carry more serious immigration consequences for similar situations. The ISO is holding another information session to cover some of these issues. Even though this topic is not easy to discuss, nor something we can plan for in advance, it is very important for our international students and scholars to be aware of certain risks and the impact of new enforcement policies.  Details for the upcoming session are below, and on our Events page.

Recent Immigration Actions: Executive Policies on Immigration Enforcement
Thursday, February 23 at 3:30 pm
Interfaith Chapel Sanctuary, River Campus
In addition to the recent Executive Order that implemented travel restrictions for certain foreign nationals, there were two other Executive Orders signed on January 25 that may impact our international populations here at UR. The provisions of these orders have not yet received the same public attention as other administrative actions, but there are important implications that our community should be aware of! We will review new enforcement priorities for individuals who fail to maintain their status, face criminal charges or accusations, or are undocumented. This session, hosted by UR’s International Services Office and immigration counsel from the Legal Aid Society, will also offer realistic situations international students and scholars may face, strategies to avoid them, and how to handle potential enforcement issues. We hope you will participate in this important conversation! The Immigration Action Question & Comment form may be used to submit concerns about this topic in advance.

Taken from the ISO webpage

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