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Retiree Spotlight Archive

Staying connected to our University of Rochester retirees is important to us! We appreciate their years of dedication and service, and now we want to share their stories. Below are all of the University of Rochester retirees that have been featured as the Retiree Spotlight in the past. If you would like to be featured as a retiree spotlight, submit a photo of yourself and your answers to the questions below to

  1. How long did you work at the University of Rochester?
  2. When did you retire from the University of Rochester?
  3. What was your last department, location, and/or role?
  4. What is something you miss about working at the University of Rochester?
  5. What hobbies or activities are you enjoying as a retiree?

Joann Barberi

After dedicating 40 years at the University of Rochester, Joann retired in September of 2011. Joann was the Senior Accountant in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology at the School of Medicine and Dentistry. Joann misses her co-workers as well as her colleagues in other departments. She treasures the friendships that she made over the years here. In retirement, Joann has been able to finally spend time learning the game of golf. She tries to play 2-3 times a week with friends that she has made from all over the U.S. Some of her afternoons and evenings are spent playing card games, trivia and swimming to keep her knees in shape. The photo of Joann here was taken when she hit a hole in one at her golf community in Naples, FL.

Bernie Jurczak

Bernie retired in February of 2018 after working 15 years at the University of Rochester. Bernie was the Technical Lead on the HRMS team and has stated that she loved every minute of it. She misses the camaraderie of her co-workers as they were like a family. Bernie also misses being able to help out users with difficult questions/issues and last-minute requests. In retirement, Bernie is enjoying watching her niece’s son that is toddler age. She watches him a couple days a week which helps keep her young!

Patricia Oster

After dedicating 41 years to the University of Rochester, Pat retired in June of 2018. Pat joined the University right after nursing school as a registered nurse in the Medical ICU. She later transferred to the University Health Service and remained there for 33 years up until retirement. Pat truly enjoyed her years spent working at the U of R in both the ICU and UHS. She misses all the people she worked with as they were a second family to her, always being there for each other. In retirement, Pat has enjoyed being able to connect with old friends, reading, and gardening. Her daughter finished nursing school and passed her boards in February, carrying on the nursing legacy. Pat is loving retirement.


Natalie Raab

Natalie retired in January of 2018 after dedicating twenty-five years to the University of Rochester. She worked as an Outpatient Access Specialist in OBGYN Ultrasound on Red Creek Drive. Natalie misses the patients and her colleagues at the University of Rochester. In retirement, Natalie enjoys spending time gardening and traveling.



Greg Aspinall 

After dedicating 29 years to the University of Rochester, Greg retired in April of 2018.  Greg began in radiology and also worked in the Human Subjects Research Review Board, Department of Pulmonology, Department of Immunology, and Strong ties. He last worked in Radiology on East River Rd. where he monitored failed faxes to UR and outside providers having to research the reason they failed, contacting them and updating the information for Health Information Management to update e-Record. Greg misses seeing physicians in the hallways that he knew personally, many since when he began in 1988. He will also miss spending time during his lunch in the lower stacks reading medical journals in the Miner Library. Greg has stated the following about his time at the University, “I have fond memories of meeting many young men and women from around the world who made medicine their career. As I would walk the hallways, I would be reminded of the great value of our institution as a teaching facility for tomorrow’s physicians and researchers, and the privilege I had to be a small part of it.” Greg currently works time-as-reported in Health Information Management at the Brighton Business Center. Greg enjoys doing fine art photography, senior, and family portraits in his retirement, as well as spending time with his two grandchildren, traveling to Niagara on the lake, taking wine tours, and reading; and yes, he still visits Miner Library.

Judith Baggs

Judith retired in 2005 after dedicating twenty-eight years to the University of Rochester as Associate Dean for Academics and Faculty at the Schools of Nursing and Medicine. For the first thirteen years of Judith’s retirement from the University of Rochester, she worked at Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing, until 2018. Now she volunteers for Senator Merkley, is Associate Editor for Journal of Interprofessional Care, and edits manuscripts for OHSU faculty and doctoral students. In her free time she loves to read, travel, garden, walk, and knit. Above all, Judith misses her daughter in Rochester and the people she worked with during her employment here at the University.


John Beck

John Beck

John retired from the University of Rochester in 2008, after dedicating 49 years at the Eastman School of Music. He started playing timpani in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, and later became Professor Emeritus of Percussion. John’s drive to pursue the history of percussion as a retiree allowed him to remain connected to the University of Rochester, where he now dedicates a couple of hours per week teaching his beloved students who admire the influence of music from all periods. Not only does he continue to dedicate his time at the University, but also presents to Master classes and workshops, adjudicates at percussion competitions, and occasionally plays solo around the world. Aside from his passion, John also enjoys relaxing days, watching TV, playing golf, and hanging out at the beach. Retirement for John opened up many new avenues. “If you are doing something that you enjoy doing, why stop doing it?” – John Beck


Linda Beck

Linda Beck

Linda retired in 2008 as a Secretary from the Department of Pediatrics, dedicating 32 years at the University of Rochester. Since retirement, she maintains spending a lot of time with her now 7 year old grandson, continues to travel as much as she can and does a great deal of reading, knitting for charity, sewing and even quilt making. Linda genuinely misses the friendly co-workers that she saw every day at work, along with the community-like atmosphere that existed here.


Patricia Bedford

Bedford, Patricia

Patricia retired in 2014 after dedicating 23 years of service to the University of Rochester. She spent most of her career in the Department of Medicine and worked as an Information Analysis Data Manager and Administrative Assistant. As a retiree, Pat immediately tapped into her creative side, spending her time making personalized greeting cards and even making jewelry. She also paints, sews and recently took on working with tumbling sea glass to continue creating works of art. Pat misses the interaction of not only her co-workers, but also the people in other departments because they were so helpful and friendly.


Theodore Brown

Theodore Brown, PhD

Theodore (Ted) Brown retired on December 31, 2018 after dedicating forty-one years to the University of Rochester as History Professor in the College of Arts and Science and as Professor of Public Health Sciences in the School of Medicine and Dentistry. He remains connected to the University of Rochester as a guest presenter to various classes, offers one-on-one electives to medical students, supervising a few doctoral students in History, and even substitute teaches occasionally. Ted keeps busy, continuing as a historian of medicine, health policy, and public health. He remains active as a writer and editor for the American Journal of Public Health and is an active member of many professional associations and advocacy organizations such as the American Association of the History of Medicine, the American Public Health Association, Physicians for a National Health Program, and the Jewish Voice for Peace. In his free time, Ted enjoys visiting local restaurants, old and new, going to the movies, and occasionally seeing live performances at GEVA Theatre or other venues around town. He sincerely misses the daily interactions with his students at the University of Rochester.


Beverly Faro


Beverly retired in 2011 after dedicating almost thirty-eight years to the University of Rochester. She spent almost all of her years in Pediatrics as an NP in Pediatric Endocrinology, working in the Children’s Diabetes Center. When she retired from the University, she went to the Monroe County Department of Public Health and had the special privilege of coordinating the Nurse-Family Partnership Program, started by Dr. Harriet Kitzman from the URSON who was Beverly’s first boss in Pediatrics, for five and a half years. Now that she is a full-time retiree, she enjoys her time keeping active by running and swimming, reading, sewing, and spending time with her seven grandchildren. Beverly is also an active volunteer for Churchville Elementary School, the Rochester Interfaith Hospitality Network that serves homeless families, an Immigration legal clinic, and teaches Sunday school to children. She misses her wonderful work colleagues at the University of Rochester, although she continues to be included in their gatherings. She deeply misses the children & families affected with diabetes, whose lives she shared for many years. She felt honored to be a part of being able to transport health and hope through teamwork within her entire career.


Larry Kuntz

Larry retired in September, 2018 from the Chemical Engineering Department as a Laboratory Engineer, after dedicating almost 53 years to the University of Rochester (which also includes his time in the Army during the Vietnam War). In 1966, he started working as a co-op in the Physics and Astronomy department at the cyclotron lab, and kept busy building and repairing electronic equipment for high-energy physics experiments. Now that Larry is retired, he enjoys building radio control models, designing hobby electronics, doing yard work, and completing projects around his home. He misses all of his great colleagues that he had the chance to help with their research, and the ability to assist students with their experiments in their Chemical Engineering classes.


Linda Mason

Linda Mason

Linda retired at the end of 2005 after dedicating 25 years of service to the University of Rochester. She spent her years as an Administrative Assistant in the Department of OB-GYN, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. As a retiree, Linda spends her time reading, traveling, visiting friends and family out of state, and continues to volunteer at Rochester General Hospital. She truly misses all the people she worked with, and most of all cherishes the friendships that developed here over time.


Nancy Merriman

Nancy Merriman

Nancy retired in June of 2012 as an Administrator for both Movement Disorders and Headache Divisions after dedicating 41 years of service to the University of Rochester. After Nancy retired, she soon returned to work part-time in Neurology. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, traveling and hiking. When needed, Nancy also provides elder care for a family member of a close friend. She truly misses having a mission at the University, the wonderful community here, and most of all, her coworkers.


John Robortella

John Robortella

John started working at the University in 1980 and retired in 2012, dedicating 32 years to the University of Rochester. He worked in both the Publications Unit of University Communications, and at the Simon School as Associate Director of Marketing and Communications. John is currently working part-time for the Towns of Canandaigua and Farmington, recording minutes at various municipal meetings. In his free time he volunteers in the Gates Town Historian’s Office and has published several local history books, including “Coldwater: An Eclectic History of the Hamlet”. John misses seeing his co-workers every day and all of the new students every fall at the Simon Business School. He also misses learning about the accomplishments of the students after their graduation, and is extremely thankful for the retirement benefits that the University provides.


Carol Root

Root, Carol

Carol retired in December of 2007 after dedicating 27 years to the University of Rochester at the School of Nursing as an Administrative Assistant. She interacted closely with many extraordinary students and staff, including providing support to the SON PhD program. She enjoyed working in Academic Affairs, assisting with financial aid, endowed scholarships and scheduling courses. Now that Carol is retired, she continues working as a volunteer at the Canine Development Center for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a place she has been for over 10 years. She misses Rochester, but most of all the people she worked closely with at the University of Rochester. The faces of deans, faculty, staff and students are still permanently in her mind and heart.


Barbara Stroyer

Stroyer, Barbara

After dedicating 25 years to the University of Rochester, Barbara retired in June of 2015. Barbara worked in Environmental Science Research as a Histological Technical Associate. She misses the technical and scientific aspect of working with all of the different organs from human body, as well as those of different animal types. During retirement Barbara has been enjoying having time for her longtime hobby of artwork. Barbara has also made many friends during her time she spends singing in a choir. Finally, she and her husband continue to enjoy exploring some of the beautiful places in North Carolina where they have moved to.


Michael Terry

Terry, Michael

Michael retired in 2009 after dedicating thirty-seven years of service to the University of Rochester as Research Program Manager in the Department of Environmental Medicine. He has remained connected to the University of Rochester for the past ten years working at a part-time status. Mike anticipates transitioning to a full-time retirement soon so he can focus on spending more time with his family, while enjoying some golf in his free time. He will certainly miss the day-to-day interaction with everyone, both within the University and those he had the pleasure to interact with outside of the University community.