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In Kelly Jean’s past Student’s Corner article, he explains the power that influencers have over us and how easy it can be to fall into the trap of allowing aesthetics to cloud the principles of sustainability. He argues that purchasing new items to attain the instagrammable aesthetic doesn’t always align with helping the environment. And I completely agree! So how do we find influencers that actually seem to promote environmentalism and practice environmentally conscious behaviors rather than those who promote consumerism?

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of a few instagram accounts that I believe portray more values of sustainability than those that post cute shots of their new reusable straws and bamboo cutlery. 

  • seedingsovereignty – focused on radical change in general and not just environmental awareness, this account shows how indigenous people have been at the forefront of environmental protection and other important issues
  • ecolifechoices – while her aesthetics are still pleasing, she actually provides some useful tips for being green
  • zerowastedoc – this account features a doctor who is integrating sustainability into her very busy lifestyle
  • sustainable_in_the_city – this energy researcher attempts to keep a sustainable lifestyle while living in NYC
  • plasticfreemermaid – this young woman has been dedicated to being plastic free for 10 years. I chose this account because some of her pictures truly show the plastic pollution in the ocean
  • sean_gallagher_photo – this instagrammer documents the effects of climate change and other environmental issues
  • aditimayer – Aditi Mayer is a journalist whose goal is to decolonize fashion and sustainability 

If you take a little more time to be conscious or even just try to discover less mainstream influencers, you might open up your mind and your perspective to a new way of thinking and a new way of living – even more sustainably!


Written by Olivia Giovannini-Dolan, Class of 2020

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