What is an Overage?

All of the changes that have happened in the global recycling market have had an impact on how we recycle on campus. As a result, we must be careful to sort waste properly and not contaminate our recycling streams. Through these changes, we have learned to be more conscious of the impacts involved in the whole waste handling process, as our waste journeys from the bin, to the hauler, to the sorting facility and ultimately a recycler. Our hauler Waste Management has had to reevaluate how they utilize their time and resources as well. One such example is in the case of an overage.

What is an overage? Simply stated, it is when material is overflowing out of a waste bin as shown in the picture above. When this happens our hauler is left to deal with the mess, and because of the extra time it takes they now issue a fee associated with overages. But there is a better way to deal with this issue. If you happen to see an overage happening at one of our waste containers on campus, please call the Facilities Customer Service Center at X34567 to request an extra pick-up. That way Waste Management can address the issue right away before it becomes a bigger issue. In turn, the University will avoid the associated overage charge.

Anyone who uses a dumpster or sees an overage happening can place the call to the Customer Service Center. When calling, please be specific about the bin location (building, road name, etc.) and type (recycling or trash). When an extra pick-up is called in, not only will it cost the University less money, it will also help keep our grounds cleaner. Thank you for your part in making the University a cleaner, greener, place to be. Meliora!

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