The Little Free Library – Brings Communities Together

The Little Free Library is an international organization designed to promote literacy through the exchange of free books with the motto “take a book, return a book”. The libraries are basically hand-painted, waterproof box like structures fitted on posts that are filled with books, for anyone to stop by and pick one up and bring one back to share. Typically these libraries are placed out doors in neighborhoods, but can also be seen in front of coffee shops, health centers, bus stops, and stores. One of the beauties of the Little Free Library is that it offers a 24 hour 7 days a week access to books with no fee or library card required.

There are Free Little Libraries throughout the Rochester area offering this wonderful opportunity to both children and adults alike. One such library just opened in connection with R Community Bikes during Bike Week on May 14, 2014. Dan Lill of R Community Bikes stated, “their library was one of the few located in the inner city and as such is a bit experimental, but at the same time has been very well received by the R Community Bike Neighbors”.

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The possibilities are almost endless as to the type of library one could build, filling it with books catered to the general public or making it more specific with books on various subjects, i.e. animals, sports, medicine, etc… Either way, this is a wonderful program that will benefit individuals and communities for years to come.


Written by, Fazeelah Chappell

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