From Trash to Treasure

It’s always fun to find creative ways to reuse or recycle items. We all know how an old tire can become a tire swing and that popsicle sticks can become a child’s artwork project. But some ideas are a little more out-of-the-box than others. How about making something new out of an old satellite dish?  Well, that’s exactly what happened when a satellite dish that used to sit on top of the University’s own Rush Rhees Library was no longer needed.  Now in the information center of a local church called The Father’s House, there is a central art feature made of the dish’s sections. Video displays hang from the piece which has 5 sections arching overhead to look like palms (see picture below). According to Eric Schoenhardt, Project Director with The Pike Company, “The feature worked so well we just felt we could find uses for any others that might come available.”  We cannot wait to see what they do next!

You too can turn your trash into treasures. For some creative ideas, check out: 

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