Have a Very Green Valentine’s Day!

Tomorrow is Vantine’s Day and hopefully you did not forget. But if you did, or you are just a last minute kind of person, we are here to help with some ideas on how to recognize your sweetie on that special day. Of course, our ideas will  help you show your love for the planet too.

Who doesn’t love that decadent heart shaped box of chocolates? But if you dig a little deeper you will find that along with that box of goodness comes some environmental controversy; fueling wars in Africa, engulfing rain forests, spreading toxic pesticides, and paying out meager wages. Luckily, organic and fair trade chocolate is becoming much more available, so opt for that instead.

Candles make for a beautiful and fragrant gift and can really help to set the mood for romance. But, conventional candles are made of petroleum-based paraffin wax, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances, which are toxic to produce and result in indoor air pollutants- yuck! But you can instead go for the natural and clean-burning option of soy candles, like these ones.

Flowers can be a great way to show your love and we have some good news regarding blooms too. Beautiful fair trade flowers are now available, like these ones from Go Green Living. For extra convenience, the old reliable 1-800-Flowers.com also now offer organic roses as well.

Yes, there are even greener options out there in the category of lingerie. See the Daily Green for some spicy ideas.

But, what if your special someone the type who is not impressed by the traditional chocolates and flowers? Don’t forget about One World Goods where you can find beautiful and unique hand-made gifts that are all fair trade. You will also be helping to support a local business here in Rochester.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate your valentine, consider showing your love to mother earth as well.

5 Replies to “Have a Very Green Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Whole foods is the best and they have some great organic stuff that is the same price as the real stuff! I love there brand of oreos. I live 200 miles from where one is and bought a bunch of stuff to bring back. I like organic milk leafy veggies & fruits where I am eating the skin. Some Vons have there own organic line. Organic may be pricy but we need to eat and the food should be good for you.Oh and organic or no make sure Milk & dairy is RBST FREE!

  2. It is not a vegetable spray if you are still using baking soda!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I swear, people are so gullible.Report this comment as spam or abuse

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