Community was at the core on Saturday, November 14th at “EcoPalooza,” the first event of its kind created by EcoReps. Each year for the past three years, the EcoReps group, a class of 28 freshmen given the task of educating their halls on sustainability issues, has created a unique event to raise awareness and be involved in the University community as a whole. This year’s event, “EcoPalooza,” a name coined by one of the EcoReps themselves, was entirely EcoRep created – they were not given a theme or any ideas to start with, so that it would be entirely their own.

And the result was fantastic! The event included a “no-power” open- mic, a feature of the event which allowed musicians, singers, and bystanders alike to come and enjoy playing music together as a communal experience. There were also “recycled crafts,” including pinecone bird feeders, and DIY jewelry, made from old flyers and recycled paper.

The community feeling also blossomed from the banner made of recycled newspaper that everyone was welcomed to help paint! Even the Girl Scouts, who were out and about selling cookies in Wilson Commons during the event, helped to paint in a picture of the earth on the banner!

For more information on the EcoReps group, check out their webpage at:

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