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Hey there, Populace of the Big Blue Marble. You University of Rochester citizens, this is for you (all you other cool cats can stay too).

Remember those love letters you’ve been keeping since your senior prom and now you’re in AARP you think it may be time to realize that romance didn’t work out? How about the 15 copies of your will you still have? You know the ones where you keep erasing your child’s name when she  flunked basic chemistry and  still wanted to go to med school, and you spent money for a private tutor and then she decided to backpack through Europe for seven years? Remember the time you added her back to the will when she called you on Mother’s Day and your birthday? In the same year? Still got that nasty letter from the IRS, postmarked 1978?

You’ve made a mature decision to rid your home of all those papers, documents, and um, other potentially embarassing, old and “I really hope this doesn’t appear on ‘Cops’ ” photographs? But, you love Mother Earth so much you just can’t burn this stuff. Well, once again your UR Facilities department has heard your concerns and is ready to help you, um erase the past in an environmentally friendly manner.

On Friday, July 15 from 7:00AM until 4:30PM you can bring all those papers to Park Lot where friendly, helpful facilities staff (including yours truly) in partnership with our vendor, Iron Mountain will destroy and shred all your personal papers including junk mail. The shredded material will be recycled. So, you can shred papers and save trees at the same time. If this isn’t win-win, well then The Green Corner is out of ideas.

Taking a serious detor here, identity theft is everyone’s concern nowadays. I think we all know of someone who has had this happen and how awful the process is to rectify it. And in our still paper driven world we have accumulated so many documents that we get intimidated on how to get rid of all of this.

Here’s what you need to do between now and July 15: start cleaning out files, collecting junk mail, empty out folders and shoe boxes. Throw all that in a bag or box and bring it to us. Here’s what we can take: any office paper, any color, file folders, any color, and you do not have to remove staples, rubber bands or paperclips. What you cannot bring: plastics, common trash, metals, CDs and DVDs. It’s that simple.

This is our inaugural event and we hope it is as successful as our annual household electronic round-up held the last Friday in October. I know July 15 is going to be a beautiful summer day, so come on by. I’ll even give you a piece of candy! If you’d like more info on the shredding process or any other question you may have, let me know and of course contact our recycling guru Amy Kadrie.

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