Avoid excess

Avoid excess packaging. Most items that you buy in stores are packaged not because they need to be packaged, but primarily because the packaging is a point-of-sale advertisement. Do brussel sprouts really need their own foam tray? Think of what you’ll be throwing in the landfill the moment you get your product home, and try to find items that come packed lightly.


Choose products that are made with sustainable materials, and avoid plastics and other petroleum-based products. Not only are they not renewable, but they use a lot of energy in the manufacturing process. Plastics are also less biodegradable than other products such as wood and most metals. While the plastics industry has improved upon the recycling of plastics in recent years, reducing production is always more efficient than recycling afterward. Try to avoid plastic and foam products you know have more sustainable alternatives, like thick paper plates over plastic. Remember, there is always a better option than plastic!

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