Go green on the cheap

Chose these options for being green and spending less:

     Want a long term air purifier? Certain house plants like Mums, Peace Lilies, and English Ivy, naturally help remove air pollutants and are easy to take care of.

      Temperature setbacks are always a good plan. Go a few degrees warmer in the summer and colder in the winter to save a ton of money on the bills! Also try turning the heating or cooling down at night, or when you go to work, to save energy that isn’t being enjoyed. Most new heating systems even have timer functions, so you can set your system to do everything automatically!

     Upgrade your toilets! Older models waste massive amounts of water annually. Fill a jug of water and simply place it in the tank of your toilet to create an instant low flush toilet.toilet

     Looking for a more high tech solution? Try a dual flush retrofit kit for as little as $25, and save thousands of gallons of fresh water a year! You pull the lever up for a low rinse flush and pull the lever down for a full flush. Check out these options for dual flush retrofit kits:




     If buying organic is outside your price range, prioritize! Some items known to have the highest pesticide levels are peaches, apples, and bell peppers. Go organic on these items, and make the biggest difference you can for your budget.

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