Powering Down Idle Computers



(Go Green Article February 2009)

Powered-up, idle computers can be source of real energy waste. University Facilities and Services identified 250 of its own computers and monitors that fit the bill, and has implemented a new energy savings approach.

 After 10 minutes of no use, the computer displays and monitors are set to turn off automatically. After 30 minutes the hard drive shuts down.

  • Additionally, the computers will shut down altogether after 60 idle minutes and the hard drives will be manually turned off on weekends.
  • This simple program has the equivalent effect of planting 22 acres of trees a year and results in a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by 165,631 pounds.
  • Altogether, these changes represent a combined savings of more than $8,000 a year.

 “Systematic changes that result in these types of energy and environmental reductions are vital, and they illustrate that simple steps can result in huge monetary and environmental savings,” says Director of Support Operations Pat Beaumont. “Improvements like these help us make an overall shift towards reduced energy use.”

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