The Drawing Board

The homepage redesign project began as most design projects began: with a blank canvas. Or a blank screen in this case. We’ve literally gone back to the drawing board, we’ve wiped the slate clean, we’re thinking outside the box, and we’re leaving no cliche unturned in our efforts to create a compelling, fresh, usable design.

So what have we come up with so far? Here it is, in all its glory: the future University of Rochester homepage.

early handdrawn image of homepage design idea


Um, not quite. I should perhaps mention at this point that I am not a graphic designer. Happily, I do work with a very talented group of graphic designers, chief among them Michael Osadciw, Graphics Coordinator in Publications Services. So rest assured the graphic component of the homepage redesign is in much more capable hands than mine. That’s Rush Rhees Library there in the background. Could you tell?

As pathetic as it is, my attempt at drawing does, I think, shed some light on one important aspect of the design process: it’s messy. As in any creative endeavor, ideas are tossed around, discarded, or embraced. Mistakes are made, epiphanies are experienced. We all do our best, but ya gotta start somewhere.

Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.


2 thoughts on “The Drawing Board

  1. I’m not sure where this comment should go; it’s a suggestion. Take a look at Missouri State’s homepage at and look at the search box. See the lower case alphabet letters underneath? Click on one of them.

    I think this is a really good idea, though I don’t know whether it will fit your ideas about our homepage. It’s functional, though it does take up a good bit of space. It really helps me quickly find, e.g., the Philosophy Department. We already have the A-Z index done (if it’s up to date??).

  2. Now here is a design that would be unique as a university homepage and would certainly generate attention!

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