A New Site for News

Over the past several months, editors and developers in University Communications and University IT have been experimenting with a new site for publishing news and feature stories from around campus. The goal has been to create a site that was visually appealing and engaging; easier to update and maintain than our homegrown site; University-wide in its scope; and more flexible in allowing us to explore new graphic treatments and storytelling techniques that are unique to the web.

This new site is now live at www.rochester.edu/newscenter/. The site is published using WordPress, the popular blogging tool and open-source content management system supported by University IT, and it uses the University’s responsive web templates. This responsive approach allows the content of the site to flow and adapt to the wide array of screen sizes and personal electronic devices readers now use to access the web.

screenshot of the NewsCenter homepage, showing top stories and categories

Take a moment to check it out; we would appreciate your feedback.


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