New Treatment for Homepage Photos

screenshot of homepage with News and Events boxscreenshot of homepage without News and Events boxThe photos on the homepage provide a concrete sense of what it’s like to be here at the University for those who are not physically here (prospective students, alumni, parents) and a current snapshot of the bustling life of this place for those of us who are here (current students, faculty, staff). To show them in their best light, we’ve made two changes to how the photos appear on the homepage.

1.) See the photo and only the photo. You can now click on the News & Events box to allow it to fade so that the photo can be seen with no impediment. The news box reappears when you refresh the page.

2.) “Lytebox” effect for all the homepage photos. When you view all the homepage photos, you can click on each thumbnail to see the much larger view of the same image.

We continue our tradition of experimenting with photography and how it can tell our stories over the Web.


2 thoughts on “New Treatment for Homepage Photos

  1. Lori, I like the current design overall, but am annoyed that the blue horizontal line always dissects the text for the photo. Seems like it would be an easy fix.

  2. I’ve always loved mascot pictures and how they came to be. U of R’s Bee seems to stand out. The bee’s perfect. This photo has a sense of….bright, community, fun life-long experiences. Rainbow’s perfect timing for St. Patty’s day. Oh, plus my daughter was the Bee that day. Thus, in photo.

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