We Have Liftoff!

The launch of the new Rochester homepage went off without a hitch early yesterday morning, and the new design is now live for the world to see.

This is all very exciting, after about 14 months of planning, discussion, and good old fashioned work. Of course, the Web being the Web, there is always something new to do or something to change or fix. The old design was nearly five years old, and anytime something we’re familiar with changes there can be a little awkwardness or adjustment needed as we get comfortable with something new. We’ll continue to use this blog to share our thoughts about new ideas or changes as they come along.

Speaking of this blog, I owe you some more posts regarding the changes we made during the six-week beta period. The most obvious of these changes involves the homepage photography.

Originally, the entire photo served as a link. When you hovered your mouse anywhere over the photo, you got a little caption telling you more about that photo. And if you clicked anywhere on the photo, you went to an “About the Photos” page. This was a neat idea, except for the fact that it was very easy to unintentionally click on the photo and then get whisked off to some page with no idea why.

So on the new site, the “About the Photo” information can be found by hovering over the little camera icon at the top of the page. Ya see it? We’ve intentionally made it rather subtle so that it’s almost like a hidden Easter egg: if you spot it, it’s a fun little bonus discovery and it doesn’t overpower the page.

We’ve also included a five-star rating system of the photos, so feel free to vote for your favorites. The plan is that during the course of the year we’ll continue to freshen up these photos to show off the beauty of our campuses as the seasons pass or to highlight events throughout the year.

From the tuckered out but happy Web team, that’s all for now. Please take a moment to explore the new homepage and keep letting us know what you think.