Obsolescence to Sustainable Operations…Susan B. Anthony Elevator Replacement Project

December 2nd, 2010

One of the many challenges of Operations and Maintenance concerns in our role as stewards of our “built environment” is the obsolescence of equipment. This occurs more often in the current manufacturing climate as items become more technologically advanced. Equipment or “parts replacement” is more challenging when the equipment is either no longer available (not manufactured anymore) or cost prohibited due to the fact that the replacement parts required need to be fabricated as a special replacement item.

Such is the case with the Haughton Elevator Company Equipment located in the Susan B. Anthony Machine Room. Attached are pictures of the existing equipment manufactured and installed in 1955.

Beginning on January 12th of 2011 the elevators will be upgraded to the state of the art Otis Elevator GEM II equipment. The new elevator equipment will increase reliability and improved efficiencies, among those notable is the reduction of electrical power consumption. New equipment installed feature a regenerative drive that returns approximately 1/3 of the energy consumed back into the power distribution.

11_18_2010 SBA Elevator 005

11_18_2010 SBA Elevator 004

11_18_2010 SBA Elevator 003

11_18_2010 SBA Elevator 002

11_18_2010 SBA Elevator 001

More to come….

Shawn Casey