An Introduction to Neuroscience with STEP UP TO MEDICINE

One of our missions is to provide relevant neuroscience education to community members of all ages and backgrounds.

Shraddha Shah (G3) introduces students to systems-based research.

On December 9, 2017, we provided an introduction to cell & molecular and systems neuroscience for high school students and their mentors in the UR Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) – UP TO MEDICINE.  PONS members explained their reasoning for attending graduate school and what current research they are performing.  Students also learned basic brain anatomy and asked questions about how we conduct our experiments.  Once again, we had a great time discussing neuroscience and were happy to meet such amazing students!


On October 22, 2016,  we were invited to discuss the brain and our members’ neuroscientific research with high school students in the UR Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) – UP TO MEDICINE.

Dawling Dionisio-Santos demonstrates the reflex test on a volunteer.

STEP is a New York State funded program for high school students who are economically disadvantaged or from underrepresented backgrounds. The program is designed to stimulate participants’ interest in career development opportunities in medicine and the health care professions. STEP students have the opportunity to work directly with physicians, technical staff, certified teachers, medical, and graduate students.  Students are exposed to a variety of academic and professional skill development opportunities to enhance their problem solving, critical thinking and test taking skills with an emphasis on active or “hands-on” learning.

It was wonderful interacting with the students and answering their questions about the field along with discussing both our and their current research endeavors.  Thanks to all who participated in and organized the event!

2016 STEP & PONS Members