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Data Cookbook’s Online Users Group Meeting Agenda – April 17

Join us for this engaging online users group meeting at 1:30 pm EST on Thursday, April 17 2014.  Real users from each of these schools will share how they incorporate Data Cookbook on their campus. API usage with web delivery of public reports – Georgia Tech API usage in Argos – The New School Governance and Metadata – Lone Star College System Data Governance Structures – Vanderbilt University Musings on definitions – University of Rochester Any University staff member can […]

Good definitions – part 1

A good definition in Data Cookbook explains what a business term means.  Good definitions are written in plain English and follow a pattern. A definition has 2 parts.  Part One identifies the class or set of things to which the business term belongs, and then differentiates that term from all others in the class or set.  Part Two, which is optional, contains usage guidelines or how to apply the concept.  Sometimes these guidelines are called business rules.  They can include […]