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Day 2 – HEDW 2014 conference at the University of Pennsylvania

Highlights from Day 2 of the 2014 HEDW conference. At breakfast I met someone from Ithaca College who asked me if my school was considering a hosted cloud platform for our data warehouse.  We are not.  She is. The small BI unit at Ithaca is eager to lighten their burden of routine maintenance tasks. Later that day I watched this person repeatedly pose her question to anyone around her during meals and breaks. I might try her systematic networking method […]

Day 1 – HEDW 2014 conference at the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania hosted the 11th annual conference for members of the Higher Education Data Warehouse organization.  Visit the conference website. Highlights of Day 1: From the keynote speaker: Balance agility with data management.  Produce reports and dashboards quickly, but do not cut corners with the quality and repeatability provided by data management. Best Practice winners always execute well on their ability to govern and align with business needs. Know the business needs.  Know the business needs.  Know the […]

Great examples of Data Cookbook embedded into BI environment

Institutional Research staff from Georgia Tech did a great job show-casing their self-service dashboard for report delivery (available publicly) at the Data Cookbook User Group meeting. Their IR team offers 6 self service reports and a term definition search widget.  Design elements are clean and easy to understand:   Clicking the Enrollment Report square generates a report on the fly, with user-controlled filters by date and full/part time.   Clicking the small “?” icon near the report title – Enrollment […]