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The idea of this section of the website is to provide feedback about all of the courses so that you can better pick courses and be more prepared for what to expect in your studies.

Please provide honest opinions about courses you have completed on the specific course page. Give any feedback you think might be helpful: how hard was the course? what were the highlights of the course? any advice to someone who is thinking of taking the course?

The Basics

  • ECE101– Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE111– Introduction to Signals and Circuits
  • ECE112– Logic Design
  • ECE113– Circuits and Signals
  • ECE114– Introduction to Computers and Programming
  • ECE140– Introduction to Digital Music

The Good Stuff

  • ECE200– Computer Organization
  • ECE216– Microprocessors and Data Conversion
  • ECE221– Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • ECE222– Integrated Circuits Design & Analysis
  • ECE230– Electromagnetic Waves
  • ECE241– Signals
  • ECE242– Communications Systems
  • ECE399– Junior Seminar

Advanced Electives

  • ECE398– Design Seminar
  • VLSI Design
    • ECE261– Digital Integrated Circuit Design
  • Signal/Systems/Communications
    • ECE244– Digital Communications
    • ECE245– Wireless Communications
    • ECE246– Digital Signal Processing
  • Waves and Devices
    • ECE223– Semiconductor Devices
    • ECE226– Superconducting Electronics
    • ECE234– Microelectromechanical Systems
    • ECE235– Introduction to Opto-Electronics
  • Computer Organization
    • ECE201– Advanced Computer Architecture
  • ECE349– Senior Design Project

Graduate courses to be added at a future date.

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