Special Seminars

This week there are TWO talks, and one has free pizza!
Jointly Sponsored by the UR IEEE Student Branch and ECE Dept.

Careers in Patent Law for Engineers and Scientists

Michael A. Fisher, Ph.D., J.D. Dechert, LLP, Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday April 25, 2007 5:00 pm
Goergen Hall 101 (The new BME/Optics Building)

Abstract: Earning an engineering or science degree does not limit you to a traditional engineering or science career. Patent law offers a remarkable variety of career options, solid demand for your services, and the freedom to live and work where you want. You may become a lawyer, a patent agent, a patent examiner, or even a judge. This presentation will explain what patent professionals do, how to become one, and how much you can earn. Think out of the box and consider a career in patent law.


So You Want to be a Technology Entrepreneur?

Creating a Smart Patent Strategy for Your Company’s Inventions
Sponsored by the ECE Dept.
Michael A. Fisher, Ph.D., J.D. Dechert, LLP, Philadelphia, PA

Thursday April 26, 2007 11:00 AM
Goergen Hall 101 (The new BME/Optics Building)

Abstract: Your company’s inventions are its most crucial asset, and you cannot allow competitors to steal them. You’ll therefore need to protect your inventions by patenting them. But it is not practical to patent everything or sue every infringer. You must develop a focused and well-tailored plan for what to do with your company’s intellectual property. This presentation will discuss what rights a patent does and does not give you, what kinds of inventions are worth patenting, and what to do with your patents once you have them. A smart patent strategy can help you achieve your business goals.


Dr. Michael A. Fisher is an attorney at the law firm of Dechert LLP and a former student at the University of Rochester. (ECE BS ’87, MS 89, Ph.D. ’93) He represents clients in a variety of intellectual property matters, including patent and trade secret litigation, analysis of patent validity, scope, and enforceability, trademark disputes, and copyright licensing and litigation.

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