After numerous scheduling issues, we have FINALIZED a date and time for IEEE paintball! It will be at NVP-Paintball (rocwiki).

It will be on Friday Dec 7. Meet in the lobby between Carlson and CSB at 12:40pm, and we should be back by 4pm.

Cost: 29$ per person, 19$ if you are an IEEE member

Please RSVP to Scott if you want to go. You can give the money to Steve Wik, Nate McBean, Scott Warren or Johnny Chen. If you don’t know any of us, email and we can setup a meeting. We need the money BY FRIDAY.

We need people to help out with transportation. We should have enough cars for everyone, but be sure to tell us if you are able to drive (and tell us how many people you can take in your car).

For anyone who has not been paintballing before, it is very fun and it is usually more expensive, so now is a great time to try it! The more people who come the better.. if we have at least 15 people we get free pizza!

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