The video projections take their title from the opening lines of Walker Evans and James Agee’s book Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The house that it the subject of the video projections is set deep in the woods of North Carolina, one of several structures that remain of a civil war era plantation. According to local knowledge it was the house belonged to the overseer. Sometime early in the last century the plantation was shut down and the forest reclaimed the farmland, trapping the house deep in the woods. Working at night using a flashlight to paint the house with light, hundreds of still images were recorded and sequenced together to create the animation. 

The hanging pieces that make up In the Lull of the Waves on the Low Lee Shore contain an acrylic sphere half-filled with blue liquid that is pumped from within and sprayed on the interior sides. A light within the globe casts shadows from the movement of the liquid. As kinetic sculptures these lanterns create live imagery and sound. 

Recording an image is an event involving artist’s interaction with the mechanisms of the process, the subject, and a moment in time. As the recorded image progresses through time away from its origin, viewing a photograph is like looking out the rear window of a moving car and seeing the landscape recede into the distance. By combining recorded documents and live events the viewer’s gaze is meant to be directed out the side of the car into the window of another traveling in parallel. 

about the artist:

Michael Bosworth is an artist and educator based in Buffalo, NY. Currently a professor at Villa Maria College,
Bosworth received his MFA in photography from the University of New Mexico, a BFA in Art and a BA in
English from the University at Buffalo. He has participated in The Other New York Biennial(Syracuse, NY),
the Beyond/In WNY Biennial(Buffalo, NY), Amid/In WNY(Buffalo, NY), and Echo Contemporary Art
Fair(Buffalo, NY) . He has exhibited work at galleries such as the Charles Bank Gallery (New York, NY), Sean
Kelly Gallery (New York, NY), Hallwalls (Buffalo, NY), Burchfield-Penney Art Center (Buffalo, NY), Visual
Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY), Big Orbit Gallery (Buffalo, NY), CEPA Gallery (Buffalo, NY), and the
Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo, NY). His Commissioned public art project include Field Notes (Syracuse,
NY), Second Site (Buffalo, NY), A Small Atlantis (Buffalo, NY), and Direction (Buffalo, NY).

about the opening reception:

The opening reception will take place on Feb 13 with an artist talk in the gallery at 4:00 pm. The exhibit will remain on view in Hartnett Gallery from  through March 6

Please feel free to invite friends to the Facebook event.