Fantasy and Power features the work of two UR alum, Jeremy Ferris ’11 and Magdalena Rieders ’16. Both artists often employ surreal approaches in the representation of power but the power they portray and how they execute their work could not be more diverse. Rieders is a mural artist from Philadelphia currently living in LA. She is interested in female empowerment through the animalistic portrayal of the human female form – a portrayal that often involves the transition of the surreal into the mundane – the impossible into the familiar. A mural-scaled work will focus on memory and conjure the importance of intuition. Performative strategies accompany Ferris’s exhibition of ‘Furniture for Mists’ a body of small-scale work prints and drawings from 2012-2019 that incorporates New England and upstate New York landscapes and the histories of power in the Northeastern United States.

about the opening reception:

The opening reception will take place on Oct 4th with an artist talk at Hartnett at 4:00 pm. The exhibit will remain on view in Hartnett Gallery from Oct 4th through Nov 1st. There will also be a closing reception on Dec 16 from 5-7 pm. 

Please feel free to invite friends to the Facebook event.