Sneak peek inside your new children’s hospital

IMG_8221When building something as important as a new children’s hospital, we have to make sure that the thousands of choices we’re making are the best possible ones. So, we’ve built something called “mock-ups.” They are true-to-life versions of parts of the hospital. Outside the building, you can see a piece of what the outside of the new hospital will soon look like.

The new windows and brick exterior have been tested over and over to ensure they can withstand anything WNY weather can throw at them.

Even more exciting is that we have built a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit room and a General Care room in an unused area in the Wilmot Cancer Center. Some of the initial decisions are being revisited now that we see how it all comes together in the rooms. Minor changes, such as tile colors, are still being made, so we can’t give you a full view of the rooms for a couple more weeks. In the meantime, check out these fantastic little details!

NICU Room:

General Care Room:

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