Gala Inspires Hope for Future of Pediatric Care

_CRU2906With hope, we raised the future of pediatric care in our community at the 26th annual Golisano Children’s Hospital Gala. Held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Oct. 19, the black-tie fundraising event inspired its 750 guests to raise $625,000 (net) for our region’s only children’s hospital.

The evening was dedicated to assembling the pieces of a bright future for our pediatric patients. Building blocks, adorned with patient faces and  letters spelling “hope,” rose throughout the elegantly decorated convention center. The visuals of the night complemented the theme of this year’s live auction’s fund-in-need – constructing a hopeful environment throughout the future children’s hospital.

Guests raised their paddles left and right for the chance to help create the interior environment of rooms where patients and families will be able to take respite. Bubble tubes, interactive projected floor games, and colorful displays, were among the auctioned items that will enrich the beautiful landscape-themed hospital floors. Such animated and fun pieces were purchased for the playroom, school room, family lounges, the Healthy Eating Kitchen, and more.

The future children’s hospital’s Teen Lounge is being funded by the wonderful Rainbow Classic team. Teenagers will have the opportunity to escape to a room where they can relax and engage with other adolescents, giving them a space to call their own.

The Healthy Eating Kitchen, funded by our friends at Tops Friendly Markets, was another fund-in-need environment auctioned off the night of the Gala. A place that will encourage healthy eating habits and coming together during meal times, the kitchen will be beneficial for many patients.

The large role our community continues to play in supporting the new Golisano Children’s Hospital exemplifies hope and builds the future of pediatric care, block by block, brick by brick, child by child.

Special thanks to our major sponsors and to the hundreds of others that contributed to the success of this event! To donate to the building and help create these interior environments, please call Scott Rasmussen at (585) 273-5933.

To view more pictures from the night, click here.


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