Construction team celebrates last beam by “topping out”

Members of our building team for the future Golisano Children’s Hospital recently held a “topping out” ceremony, a commemorative event in building construction celebrating the milestone of placing the building’s last structural steel beam.

During a topping out ceremony, a tree is placed on the building’s topmost beam, often in addition to a state or national flag. The evergreen symbolizes growth and good luck.

topping out

As part of the celebration, workers usually have a toast and enjoy a meal together. Our dedicated team gathered for lunch before they marked the final beam with their signatures and watched it get lifted to the top of the building for everyone to see.

Although the tree won’t last forever, we know the luck it brings and the work the building team has done, and continues to do, will certainly last a lifetime. You too can make a lasting impact by donating in support of the future Golisano Children’s Hospital! To make a gift in support of the building, please click here or call Scott Rasmussen at (585) 273-5932.

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