Construction Corner: Concrete, steel, and more!

Tremendous progress has been made on the future Golisano Children’s Hospital in the last few months. Multiple floors have decking, concrete has been poured, and more beams have been secured! It is remarkable to see how far we’ve come and to think about what the future holds for our pediatric patients.

Hospital employees, visitors, and patients, often take time throughout their day to stop and watch the changing landscape of the hospital, standing in awe of how it continues to grow. The steel framework of the first five floors paints a beautiful picture of the strong structure that will stand as the foundation for our patients and their caregivers. Installation for the 6th and 7th floors is scheduled to be completed by early October. When finished, the future Golisano Children’s Hospital will be made up of a total of 2,600 tons of steel, transported all the way from Erie, Pennsylvania.

As members of the building team continue to build the hospital’s framework, others are already filling in some of the floors.

With the 1st floor of concrete complete, operators of the hose-like pump are hard at work spreading and leveling the granular material on the 3rd floor. The ground floor is projected to be filled in mid-September, with the other floors following in line!

With fall just around the corner, we can’t wait to see more progress, including the completion of an exterior and interior mock up, representing exactly what the future children’s hospital will look like on both the outside and inside-right down to the bricks and the paint color!

Thank you to all of our building donors, thus far, who are making this possible. If you would like to be a part of this incredible new hospital, please click here or call (585) 273-5948.

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