Autism Treatment Network Launches Medicine Safety Tool Kit

About twice a month, the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network releases tool kits that contain educational tools designed to support families and providers of children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neurodevelopmental disabilities. Tool kits may also be targeted directly toward the child, to educate or support them in the management of his/her own care.

Each kit covers a wide range of topics that focus on a specific goal. Topic examples include:

  • Dental Professional’s Tool Kit
  • An introduction to Behavioral Health Tool Kit
  • Sleep Tool Kit

Cole LynnThe ATN/AIR-P recently launched a new kit, titled “Autism and Medication: Safe and Careful Use.” Written by pediatric nurse practitioner Lynn Cole, associate director of clinical services at the University of Rochester’s Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, the free publication provides resources and strategies for parents of children who use medicine in treatment. 

The new tool kit includes information and tips on issues such as:

  • Measuring and tracking changes in target symptoms
  • Recognizing and managing side effects
  • Working closely with doctors to understand medications and get the proper information

Health care providers can also use the tool kit to teach families how to monitor effectiveness of medication, how to manage side effects, and to explain their choices.

Cole also goes into detail about empowering parents, determining effectiveness, and more,  in her guest blog post on the Autism Speaks site.

The University of Rochester’s Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is proud to be one of the 17 Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network centers. Our advances through this network, and other research programs, have resulted in improved health and behavioral outcomes for children with autism. But, with the prevalence of autism increasing, there is a need for ever more research, treatment, and support.

To learn more about how you can support one of the nation’s premier autism programs, please click here.

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