Pediatric Surgery Team Receives Star for Act of Kindness

Golisano Children’s Hospital Pediatric Surgeon Yi-Horng Lee, M.D., and Jennifer Maddison, N.P., were recently recognized as Strong Stars for their act of kindness that involved a pediatric patient.

snoopy operation“We had a pediatric patient who was having his port removed after finishing chemo treatments. He wanted to keep his port, so Jennifer quickly came up with a creative and fun solution. We grabbed one of the stuffed animals that are donated to the Pediatric Surgical Suite. She took it into the OR and she and Dr. Lee sewed the port into Snoopy! They did such a careful job, placing it so the patient could feel it just like when it was in his own body. This was amazing and thoughtful and beyond what was expected by the patient and his family. Their ingenuity and compassion shined through and made a pediatric patient very happy.” 

Going the extra mile, like Dr. Lee and Jennifer did, truly makes a difference in our patients’ lives and it means a lot to our donors and nurses to take the time and effort to do so.

Surgery is one of the seven priority programs of Golisano Children’s Hospital’s $100 million campaign.

Since its founding in the mid-1990s, the Pediatric Surgery Program at Golisano Children’s Hospital has grown by leaps and bounds. The program made advanced pediatric surgeries available to children throughout the region, fulfilling a critical demand.

Still, the need for pediatric surgeries has grown exponentially. We currently perform upwards of 21,000 surgeries on children annually. Given the growth in demand and the need to keep families together here in upstate NY, we must now expand to perform 30,000 surgeries each year.

The need is great, but the rewards are much greater. Improving the program will enhance care, research and education for the benefit of our current and future patients.

To support the Pediatric Surgery Program, and acts of kindness like Dr. Lee and Jennifer’s, please visit

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