Time Lapse Video Captures Construction

Golisano Children’s Hospital’s families, faculty, staff, and supporters have had the opportunity to watch the construction progress in a few different ways. Whether walking by the entrance to the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center by the main lobby, or watching through our hospital website’s east and west webcams, individuals have seen the construction team hard at work.  The time lapse video above, however, captures the changes in an exciting and never-before-seen way!

The footage illustrates how much has been accomplished in the last seven months (and how often our weather changes). Although the foundation for the future children’s hospital is well underway, there is still a long journey ahead.

Be a part of the experience and help us continue to build a next generation hospital, a place of healing that celebrates our patients, families, faculty and staff.

Visit our website to learn more and make a difference. 

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