Arieona’s Story

Watch Arieona Beasley laugh, and one can’t help but smile. It’s hard to imagine that the 3-year-old Miracle Kid has ever been anything but a ball full of energy. Offering an abundance of hugs with everyone she meets, her nickname, “Mayor of the Fourth Floor,” seems quite fitting.

But behind that grinning face, lies an enormous amount of strength and resilience. Arie was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment to battle the potentially fatal disease. Fortunately, Arie, who also has Down Syndrome, received the experienced and compassionate care and  she needed to get through the most trying times of her young life. With the family’s full support, Arie’s doctors at Rochester’s Golisano Children’s Hospital enrolled her in a clinical trial through the Children’s Oncology Group, intended for kids just like her. She spent months at the hospital, receiving the aggressive medical treatment she needed to battle her scary diagnosis. And all the while, she kept her sunny disposition. Within the walls of the hospital, she found comfort, good friends and a new place to temporarily call home.

Watch this incredible story of Arie, told by her mom Sandra and her pediatric oncologist, Dr. Jeffrey Andolina. The video, which has aired during the Summer Olympics, encapsulates the spirit and joy that radiates from this amazing little miracle.  Once you’ve watched Arie’s story, please consider sharing yours at

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