Golisano Children’s Hospital Moves into New Phase of Planning

Every week of planning brings us one week closer to breaking ground and building our new home for specialized pediatric care for the region’s children and families. This week, Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Ballinger architects are deep into developing the ideal theme for the interior of the new hospital – with lots of input from families and staff.

The main goals of the interior design are to provide a calming and welcoming environment for families and children of every age. With that in mind, the overall idea of “discovery” has been honed into nature and landscapes, working in the feeling of movement as much as possible. For example, one floor may have the theme of the lake environment and one way of working movement into the décor would be to install a wall of interactive bubble tubes.

The theme for each floor will also help families know where they are in the building because no floor will look like any other. We’re still early in the interior design phase, but the building could include floors with the nature and landscape themes of meadows, wetlands, forests, cities, mountains and the sky.

Stay tuned as we continue to plan our new Golisano Children’s Hospital!

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