Relieving Pain with Supportive Care

There’s a movement afoot in the medical community. Doctors go to medical school to learn how to fix the body and treat the disease. But there’s a growing consensus that treating the patient entails much more than simply treating the symptoms.

Dr. David Korones, a professor of Pediatrics and Oncology at Golisano Children’s Hospital at URMC, is a known across the country for his efforts in advocating supportive care — care that focuses on the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of the patient. In a recent editorial blog post in Psychology Today, Dr. Korones shared how he came to learn more about supportive care, which has ultimately helped him to be a much better doctor for his patients.

Supportive Care is one of Golisano Children’s Hospital’s top priorities during its capital campaign. As more children with chronic diseases live longer, Dr. Korones and his team hope to enhance their ability to deliver compassionate to children and families. They hope to grow their supportive care team, develop a program to help expectant mothers with infants at a high-risk for birth defects and train the doctors of today and tomorrow in how to best provide supportive care. Learn more about how you can help us expand our supportive care services to patients and families.

Let us know what you think of supportive care, and how it might make a difference for children and their families.

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