Thankful for Amazing Grace: Baby born with CDH comes out strong

Every once in awhile, troubling news comes along that no one could have possibly expected. Four-and-a-half months before she delivered, 13WHAM-TV Anchor Jennifer Johnson and her husband, Monroe County Legislator Vinnie Esposito, were told that their baby had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) and there was less than one-in-four chance that she would survive. They knew they’d have to be prepared to make tough decisions when the time came to deliver.

Jennifer and Vinnie spoke with other area families, like the parents of Miracle Kid Mason Mitchell, who had been through the difficult process of delivering a baby with CDH and come out on the other side with a happy, healthy young boy. They spoke with pediatric specialists at Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center, such as Neonatologist Dr. Patricia Chess and Chief of Pediatric Surgery Dr. Walter Pegoli to learn what to prepare for and to get an idea of what the course of treatment would be when little Grace was born. After they had considered all of their options, including delivering elsewhere, Jennifer and Vinnie decided to stay right here in Rochester — confident that they would get expert medical care and hopeful that everything would turn out for the best. Watch 13WHAM’s story of their incredible journey here. 

Thanks to Grace’s strength, her parents’ faith and very attentive care from team of neonatal and pediatric surgical specialists at Golisano Children’s Hospital, Jennifer and Vinnie’s baby girl has beaten the odds. It’s remarkable how far she’s come, and how much she’s continuing to exceed expectations. Little Grace truly is amazing.

We invite you to watch this heartfelt video with Jennifer and Vinnie, the Merriman family, Pediatric Oncologist Dr. David Korones, NICU Director Dr. Timothy Stevens and Dr. Pegoli to learn more about what we’re building, as we forge ahead with plans for our future.

Watch the Mitchells — another family of a child with CDH — share their story and why they’re thankful for Golisano Children’s Hospital, during this season of Thanksgiving.

For more stories on some of the children treated at Golisano Children’s Hospital, visit the Meet Our Patients section of our website. To learn about how you can help us enhance our Neonatology and Pediatric Surgery programs, please visit the Planning for Our Future section of the website. Golisano Children’s Hospital is so thankful for the many wonderful members of our community who have helped raise awareness for the hospital by sharing their stories and lending their support. We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

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