Research Proposal

People from different countries are soaked in different cultural atmospheres, we are born to be taught by our parents in different ways. Therefore, as we gather together today in this world valley and exchange ideas every day, we do notice that we may have different value and standard toward some issues.

The analysis of how empathy plays its role in different aspects of people’s lives in my blog sequence shows that different scenarios provide people different standard for decision making, and different levels of understanding enables people to make decisions accordingly as well. So from a globalized view I’d like to take some insight in how culture as an unique feature that people from different countries possess will mediate their own expressions of empathy. The specific question I would like to ask is “Would people who share different cultural and moral background express empathy differently?” I’ll focus my research on both sides of this topic, which is if so, how exactly would background differences affect people’s empathy; and if not, are there any papers support this point.

Possible Scholarly Sources:

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